I am a professor of innovation in Waseda University, Faculty of Commerce.

I am exploring (1) How certain patterns emerge and evolve overtime in innovation , (2) What factors influence the trajectory formation, and (3) How a firm strategically use the pattern of innovation?


Recent Research Projects

  • Entrepreneurial Spin-offs and Technological Trajectory
  • Trajectory Formation in General Purpose Technology
  • Open Innovation Management
  • Competitive Strategy and Innovation
  • Business History of National Innovation System

Selected Papers [see all publications/ 全てのリスト]

  1. Hiroshi Shimizu, General Purpose Technology, Spin-Out, and Innovation: Technological Development of Laser Diodes in the United States and Japan, Springer, 2019.
  2. Kota Muaryama, Makoto Nirei, and Hiroshi Shimizu, "Management of Science, Serendipity, and Research Performance: Evidence from Survey of Scientists." Research Policy 44(4), pp.862-873, 2015.
  3. Roberto Fontana, Alessandro Nuvolari, Hiroshi Shimizu and Andrea Vezzulli, “Reassessing Patent Propensity: Evidence from a dataset of R&D awards, 1977–2004” Research Policy, Vol.42 (10), pp.1780-1792, 2013.
  4. Tom Nicholas and Hiroshi Shimizu, “Intermediary Functions and the Market for Innovation in Meiji and Taisho Japan” Business History Review, Vol.87 (Spring), pp.121-149, 2013.