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Apr. 2024 >> Our lab. has been awarded a research grant from NRF (우수신진연구) for 5 years.

Apr. 2024 >> One work on deviant place recognition is accepted to IEEE TPAMI. We thank Prof. Young Eun Huh's group at KAIST for their great collaboration.

Apr. 2024 >> Young-Jae, Junoh, Jin-Hwi and Seunghyun will attend ICVSS 2024 at Sicily, Italy.  

Apr. 2024 >> We are very excited to share our FIVE CVPR 2024 papers. It is also noteworthy for this CVPR that Prof. Jeon worked as an Area Chair and Inhwan is selected in Doctoral Consortium with travel grant.

Feb. 2024 >> Junmyeong and Jiho (our lab interns) graduate with top honors, the summa cum laude and the best B.S. thesis award, respectively

Jan. 2024 >> Two papers on typhoon trajectory prediction and unbounded NeRF are accepted at ICLR 2024. In particular, the work on typhoon trajectory prediction will appear as a spotlight presentation (Top 5% of valid submissions), thanks SIA for your great collaboration!

Nov. 2023 >> Sang-Hun has been one of winners in Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Korea 2023. 

Oct. 2023 >> Inhwan was selected as one of Outstanding Reviewers in ICCV 2023. He is also a winner of Sunseom Scholarship 2024.

Aug. 2023 >> Two collaborative research works with Prof. Y.-M. Song's group are accepted to Advanced Science (optical Fano resonance) and Nano Today (Virus detector).

Jul. 2023 >> One paper on trajectory descriptors is accepted to ICCV 2023. We thank Prof. Jean Oh at Carnegie Mellon Univ. for her great collaboration.

Apr. 2023 >> Our work on hyperbolic spatial propagation is accepted at ICML 2023.

Nov. 2021 >> Our lab is ready for International Joint Research Program (Collaboration with Ph.D. J.H. Yoon and Ph.D. M.-G Park at KETI, and Prof. Truong Q. Nguyen at UCSD).

Oct. 2021 >> Our lab has been selected to GIST-MIT Joint Research Program (Collaboration with Prof. Y.-M. Song and Prof. H.-H. Jeong at GIST, and Prof. Frédo Durand  and Prof. William Freeman at MIT) [Press]

Please send an email to "" if you are interested in joining our lab. as intern, M.S., Integrated students and post-doc positions. 

Note that Prof. Jeon is off to Carnegie Mellon University for his sabbatical year until Feb. 2025.

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