Visual AI Lab.

News & Notices

Feb. 2023 >> Our paper on high-fidelity human 3D reconstruction is accepted to CVPR 2023, thanks for the great collaboration with KETI. This paper is selected as a highlight (10% of accepted papers and 2.5% of submissions).

Jan. 2023 >> Sang-Hun won the Silver Prize in Samsung Humantech Paper Award.

Jan. 2023 >> Hyunjun is off to Boston for his internship at MIT CSAIL. 

Nov. 2022 >> Two papers appear in AAAI 2023 as oral presentations. 

Nov. 2022 >> Prof. Jeon received the GIST College Outstanding Teaching Award.

Jul. 2022 >>  We have THREE papers accepted to ECCV 2022!

Nov. 2021 >> Our lab is ready for International Joint Research Program (Collaboration with Ph.D. J.H. Yoon and Ph.D. M.-G Park at KETI, and Prof. Truong Q. Nguyen at UCSD).

Oct. 2021 >> Our lab has been selected to GIST-MIT Joint Research Program (Collaboration with Prof. Y.-M. Song and Prof. H.-H. Jeong at GIST, and Prof. Frédo Durand  and Prof. William Freeman at MIT) [Press]

Jan. 2020 >> We have opened the Visual AI Lab. at GIST. 

Please contact us if you want to join our lab. as M.S., Integrated students and Post-doc positions.

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