Visual AI Lab.

News & Notices

Jan. 2020 >> Our work on visual localization is accepted in ICRA 2020.

Jan. 2020 >> We have opened the Visual AI Lab. at GIST.

Oct. 2019 >> Our work on deep multiview stereo network is accepted in IEEE TPAMI.

Aug. 2019 >> Our work on fast depth from focus is finally accepted in IEEE TIP.

Jun. 2019 >> Our work on a large-scale dataset for simulating disaster scenarios is accepted in IROS 2019.

Jan. 2019 >> Our deep network for depth completion is accepted in ICRA 2019.

Dec. 2018 >> Our work on an end-to-end deep learning network for multiview stereo is accepted in ICLR 2019.

Dec. 2018 >> Our work on depth from auto-bracketed images is accepted in IEEE TIP.

If you want to join us as integrated, Ph.D. and Post-doc positions, feel free to contact us