ucosII on NDS

This is my ucosII port for Nintendo DS.

NDS Homebrew development enviroment devkitPro is used to compile the source code.

You can run it on all kinds of NDS Emulators or use a real NDS machine with xxx card.

Build Instruction:

1. Download and install devkitPro NDS homebrew development environment. Make sure you can compile and run the examples first.

2. Unzip the source code to \example folder.

3. Launch a cmd console windows, CD to devkitPro\examples\arm_ucos\SOFTWARE\uCOS-II\Ex1_NDS\bin

4. Use nmake to build the source code.

5. Run the binary file using NDS emulator or real NDS machine.

Note: nmake is microsoft build utility. It is NOT included in devkitPro. You can download it from this site, or find it easily in any Microsoft platform SDK.

If you prefer GNU make, you may try to modify the syntax of makefile yourself :-)

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