Also rendered:  Asar
Greek:  Osiris

Titles: "Tired Heart", "He of the Lightland from which Re goes forth", "The Lord of wine through [or during] the Inundation", "Fresh Water" (PT 33)

death is "the night of going forth to life"; "I am Osiris, I have fallen upon my side, so that the gods may live on me."  (MHMM cites CT 4, 168c, 169a-b)

Wag festival associated with regeneration of the "dead" grapevines, at least by the Greeks who equated Wesir with Dionysos, but "Lord of Wine" title makes it plausible ancientry as well.

"Lord of Wine" title from Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture, Patrick E. McGovern.