Fixed Date Festival Calendar

Egyptian Festival Calendar

This calendar is built from a compilation and crossreferencing of calendar information.  The set point of Wep Ronpet was determined through a painstaking quantity of mathematics in order to find something that approximated its date and was location-neutral.  The calendar does not (yet?) include all festivals for which I have references, only those which have some consistency across multiple calendars.  The references currently used to produce this calendar are:

The Cairo Calendar, found in Bob Brier's "Ancient Egyptian Magic".
All surviving temple calendars, as collected in Sherif El-Sabban's "Temple Festival Calendars of Ancient Egypt".
Normandi Ellis's "Festivals of Light". (This is a secondary-source reference, and thus not authoritative.)
Robert Ritner's "The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice"

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In addition to this solar year-oriented calendar, there was a regular set of lunar festivals held each lunar month, according to the names of the days of that month.  The lunar month begins the day of the new moon.

  • The fourth day of the month is "The Day of the Going-Forth of the Sem Priest"
  • The fifth day of the month is "The Day of Offerings on the Altar"
  • The sixth day of the month (the day before the first quarter) is simply called "Sixth Day", and it is mentioned as a festival in the Book of Going Forth By Day.
  • The eighteenth day of the month (three days after the full moon) is "The Day of the Moon", and thus an appropriate day to honor lunar gods.
  • The twenty-eighth day of the month (thirteen days after the full moon; five days after last quarter) is "The Jubilee Festival of Nut".
  • The thirtieth day of the month is "The Day of the Going-Forth of Min".  This may coincide with the new moon on 29-day lunar months.

These lunar celebrations are drawn from Richard A. Parker's "The Calendars of Ancient Egypt".