Frequently Asked Questions

Who will need home health care?

Patients who need short term assistance after discharge from the hospital; chronically ill, terminally ill, or permanently disabled, who wish to remain at home; older adults, who due to illness or disability, need assistance in their home; to provide short term relief for family members caring for a parent or relative who is ill.

What insurances are covered?

1. Medicare Part A and Part B

2. Medicare Part A only

3. Medicare Part B only

4. Medicare with Medi-Cal as secondary payer

5. Medicare with Private Insurance as secondary payer

6. Medicare Medi-Cal with an HMO as secondary payer

7. Medi-Cal Insurance only

8. Private, PPO, and HMO insurances with authorization from Insurance company
(Patient may have to pay co-insurance depending on the policy)

Who pays for home health care?

Insurance Coverage: We will verify upon receipt, any assignment of benefits. We will bill your insurance carrier directly.

Direct Payment: When billed directly to you, Heralds Home Health will provide you with a statement that clearly identifies visits and hours spent by our home health care professionals. You pay only the per visit or per hour rate; we pay all taxes and insurance for our employees.

Medicare/Medical: If you are eligible for home health care coverage through Medicare or Medical, our office will bill them directly.