The founding of Heralds Home Health was an offshoot of an original idea, which had something to do with public service. Unfortunately it did not flourish because of circumstances that impeded its realization at the time.

        However, the idea of returning to the community in whatever form it may take, was always in the minds of a family with the deepest respect for hard work.

        The family knew how it felt to be denied of basic services and privileges, which are enjoyed only by a few. We made a solemn vow, that whatever we would become, we would not deny our services to anyone who needed help and comfort, to the extent that the family would be able to provide.

        We were inspired to do our best with the field we have chosen and pursued. It was no accident that we became a family of medical workers in our country, the Philippines. Unbeknownst to us was the vision and ambition of our mother to link us together into our profession, so that we can work for the common good of our community. She envisaged to raise us so we could team up together and make a difference in the lives of others. She was thinking of sacrifices and love for our fellow man, and to provide services to those who need it.

        However, as stated in the beginning, such magnanimous visions do not always materialize as they are. God had other plans for us, so we did not end up with our mother's dream in our country. Nevertheless, the idea did not fade away; it was not forgotten but was nurtured, nonetheless.

        So one day, it just struck us to get together and decided to make the most of our resources, and pooled our heads and mapped out a way of establishing a home health agency, which was the closest to the nature of what was first envisioned and where we can still render services to people needing help, and where our family can still work together as a team.

        So on December 8, 2002, Heralds Home Health was successfully founded and launch in Torrance, California.

        We proclaimed our mission and philosophy and sought like-minded individuals willing to help us establish our company. We pledged that this company would be one, that under its roof, everyone will be treated with respect and equality. We value loyalty, steadfastness, and integrity.