Deluxe Motor Parts   (Plate I) 

Photo No. Part No. No. Used NAME Price Cond.

Deluxe Motor Gasket Set, 43 Pieces $265.00 REPO

Deluxe Motor hardware Kit, Dull Nickle Plated $320.00 REPO

9 K-1930
Connecting Rod Shim $8.00 NOS

Deluxe Rod Shells Pair with Shims $80.00 NOS

19 K-1018
Crankshaft Front Bearing, Lower Half $45.00 NOS

20 K-1017
Crankshaft Front Bearing, Upper Half $45.00 NOS

21 K-1020
Crankshaft Center Bearing, Lower Half $45.00 NOS

22 K-1019
Crankshaft Center Bearing, Upper Half $45.00 NOS

23 K-1022
Crankshaft Rear Bearing, Lower Half $45.00 NOS

24 K-1021
Crankshaft Rear Bearing, Upper Half $45.00 NOS

27 K-1086/KJ-1086
Crankshaft front Bearing shim (parts book shows K-1028) $8.00 REPO

30 K-1036
Crank Case Main Bearing Stud, 3/8"x2 19/32" $10.00 NOS

33 K-1029
Crankshaft Center Bearing Shim $8.00 NOS

43 K-1102
Oil Sump Cover Gasket $13.00 REPO

54 K-1002
Crank Case Gasket, Left Half $15.00 REPO

55 K-1001
Crank Case Gasket, Right Half $15.00 REPO

56 K-1003
Crank Case Gasket, Rear $10.00 REPO

Deluxe Crankcase Flange Bolt, Nut & Washer Kit, 51 Pieces, Dull Nickle Plated $105.00 REPO

57 K-1004
Crank Case Flange Bolt, 1/4”, 28X1 1/8”

58 302-W
Crank Case Flange Bolt Lockwasher,

59 214-N
Crank Case Flange Bolt Nut, 1/4"X28" $3.00 REPO

Deluxe Timing and Oil Pan Plug set, 4 Pieces, Dull Nickle Plated $13.00 REPO

Plug for Oil Gallery $5.00 NOS

65 K-111-A
Filter Screen Replacement for Oil Outlet Elbow $35.00 REPO

66 K-1110
Gasket for Oil Outlet Elbow $5.00 REPO

Deluxe Oil Outlet Elbow Stud, Nut & Washer Kit, Dull Nickle Plated $10.00 REPO

69 214-N
Oil Outlet Elbow Stud Nut $3.00 REPO