Fork and Front Wheel Parts   (Plate IX)


Photo No. Part No. No. Used NAME Price Cond.

560 XK-2048
Front Fork Main Stem Adjusting Cone Locknut $35.00 REPO

562 XK-2565
Front Fork Main Stem Adjusting Cone

587 226-S
Front Fork Rocker Arm, Stud Nut, outside, Small Diameter $8.00 REPO

587 ½ 210-N
Front Fork Rocker Arm, Stud, Nut, Inside $3.00 NOS

588 ½ K-6710
Front Axle Lockwasher

589 226-N
Front Fork Rocker Arm Stud Nut, Outside, Large Diameter $8.00 REPO

590 K-7801
Front Axle $40.00 NOS

591 H-2404
Front Axle Nut

593 K-7508
Front or Rear Spoke and Nipple Set (40), 20” Rim, Bare Steel

593 K-7508ss
Front or Rear Spoke and Nipple Set (40), 20” Rim, Stainless Steel

595 K-8020
Front or Rear Hub, Timken Roller-Bearing Cup, Only $17.50 REPO

596 K-8014
Front Hub Quill, Adjusting Locknut

597 K-8006
Front Hub Quill, Adjusting Lockwasher $10.00 NOS

598 K-8013
Front Hub Quill, Adjusting Nut, R.H. $25.00 NOS

599 K-743
Front Hub Quill, Complete with Spacer $100.00 NOS

600 K-8010
Front or Rear Hub, Snap Spring (Two) $5.00 REPO

601 K-8009
Front or Rear Hub, Dust Washer (Four) $5.00 REPO

602 K-8008
Front or Rear Hub Felt Washer (Two) $5.00 REPO

603 K-8021
Front or Rear Hub Timken Bearing, Cone, Retainer and Rollers, Only $32.50 REPO