Under New Ownership!!!

The Henderson Motorcycle Company, formerly in St Louis, is now owned by Antique Motorcycle Works of Philipsburg Mt. Welcome to our new site! We are working to make the site better and we are adding new parts regularly. You will be able to order directly from the site in the near future. Send me any suggestions you may have to make the site better!

Finding what you want!

A little history

Welcome to the Henderson Motorcycle Company!

The Henderson Motorcycle Company of Saint Louis Missouri was organized in the mid-1980's by Steve Schackman and Bill Klein.  The purchase of a large lot of original Henderson parts that had been the basis of a thriving motorcycle repair business for Walter Masiack was the start of the new company. 

The parts pages in the web site are laid out like the original parts book pages so finding the parts you need is easy. The original parts picture (called a Plate) is at the top of each page and the parts are laid out below in same order as the original parts book. You will find the Photo No. and Part No. just like the original parts book. You will soon be able to order directly from the web site. We have hard copies of the parts booksavailable in our literature page.

Walter worked out of the Chicago area and had a significant inventory of parts that were from the Henderson factory shutdown in 1931.  Walter passed away in 1964 and the parts sat, untouched, for many years.  After buying the parts and moving them from Chicago to Saint Louis, they were sorted, identified and cataloged.  After organizing the original parts, it became obvious that a number of  reproduction parts would help to fill in some of the items missing from the original parts inventory. 


In August 2017 Antique Motorcycle Works of Philipsburg Montana purchased The Henderson Motorcycle Company and moved the inventory to it's location in Montana. Antique Motorcycle Works has been making Henderson replacement parts since 1990. We make parts for all Henderson models (Super X and Excelsior as well) from 1912 to 1931. We also specialize in many pre 1920 American motorcycles, parts and restoration. Check out our main website for all your early American motorcycle needs.


Happy Hendersoning!!