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- "The Coin 1960-1961" Hemmingford High School yearbook

- "The Coin 1961-1962" Hemmingford High School yearbook

- "The Coin 1962-1963" Hemmingford High School yearbook (ads omitted)

- "The Coin 1963-1964" Hemmingford High School yearbook

- "Times Remembered: History of the BROWNLEE, FARR, McKAY Families"
by Betty McKay MacKenzie (170 MB pdf file - *searchable*)

- "
Hemmingford - 200 Years of Hope and Challenge 1799-1999
" online index

- "Hemmingford Then and Now"
online index 

- Hemmingford Historical Archives Archi-Log catalogue (March 2014)

- Hemmingford Historical Archives catalogue (1997)

- Huntingdon County business and farmers directory (1889, includes Hemmingford village and township)

- The Gleaner (newspaper) 100th Anniversary Edition (122 pages) Sept 18, 1963 (80 MB)

- "List of lands granted by the crown in the province of Québec from 1763 to 1890" (Hemmingford on pages 483 to 491)

- "Female Emigrants Guide of 1854"
(excerpt) by Catharine Parr Traill


- Seven newly available lettters written by a young Irish widow named Frances (Armstrong) Simpson, stranded in Canada (Hemmingford) in 1831 with her two young children. Her husband was sea captain William Simpson. The letters were addressed to her father-in-law Captain David Simpson in North Shields, Northumberland UK.

The letters may be viewed online here.

Many thanks to Peter Donn in England for providing and transcribing these letters in 2012.


Hemmingford old and not so old photos  (over 180 photos)

Hemmingford High School Reunion, Oct. 9, 2010

Old photos of Havelock Township, which was part of Hemmingford Township before 1864.

Russeltown church and cemetery photos (and cemetery listings)

McCrea-Kingsbury Cemetery, Hemmingford, QC

Henrysburg Methodist Church and Cemetery, Henrysburg, QC

Old Henrysburg Cemetery, Henrysburg, QC

Odelltown Methodist Cemetery, Odelltown, QC

Douglass Cemetery, Napierville QC

Jackson Cemetery, St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC

More local cemetery photos at Hemmingford Cemetery Records

More Hemmingford images c1910 at the McCord Museum


Moving the old Hemmingford fire station 05/12/2010 (9 minutes)

Hemmingford Gaetan Fortin Museum tour 29/08/1998 (62 minutes)

Hemmingford Bicentennial Parade 15/08/1999 (56 minutes)

Hemmingford Keddy Museum tour 04/08/2000  (80 minutes) ...Alternate link here (access any part directly)

Lacolle English Settlers (Mickey Maynard) 24/08/2005 (90 minutes)



- Official plan of Hemmingford Village 1888, showing owners of lots and dimensions.

- Hemmingford village, 1909. Charles Goad insurance map...good building details.

- Hemmingford Township, list of applicants for lots, 1798.
Transcribed list of grantees also shown on: "Hemmingford Land Grants 1798" document.

- Official plan of Hemmingford Township 1888, showing owners of lots and dimensions.
            * Oct, 2012: Hemmingford Archives has acquired a high resolution image of this map.

- Joseph Bouchette's 1815 map - (zoom in for great detail)
"Topographical map of the Province of Lower Canada, shewing its division into Districts, Counties, Seigniories, & Townships"

- Huntingdon County 1881 Belden Atlas map, including good map of lots, Hemmingford Township.

- Current Hemmingford eastern area topographical map.

- Hemmingford-area cemeteries Google Map (Street View has photos of most cemeteries)

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