As a Catholic author, photographer, homeschooler and mother of six, Heidi is committed to bringing the love of God,

the light of Christ and the joy of the Holy Spirit to your special event.

You can develop a topic specific to your event or choose from one of Heidi's already well-received talks:

"Why Can't We Just Hit'em Over the Head?" Using Children’s Books to Build a Foundation of Faith and Foster the Christian Imagination

Growing Faith at Home; Practical and Fun Ideas for Every Family

Your Presence is Your Present, Embracing the Power of Hospitality

When Your Identity is in the Lost and Found

Becoming a Better Family Photographer

Knowing God's Universal Will and His Personal Call for Your Life

Some Time Management Ps and Qs for Moms

How to Successfully Waste Your College Education on Your Children

Please contact Heidi at heidi.bratton@gmail.com to arrange for her to speak at your upcoming event