about me

Heeju Hwang
Assistant Professor
Department of Linguistics
Room 916 Run Run Shaw Tower
The University of Hong Kong   

 heeju at hku dot hk

* I am currently on leave (until July 14th 2018).  

I am an assistant professor in the linguistics department at the University of Hong KongMy primary research area is in psycholinguistics. I am mainly interested in the cognitive processes and interfaces involved in language processing. My dissertation research investigates in particular how English and Korean speakers integrate words and sentence structures to produce well-formed sentences under the guidance of Elsi KaiserI am also interested in English and Korean syntax. I have done some works on active/passive alternation, ditransitive alternation, classifiers, and wh-questions.  

I graduated from Seoul National University with a BA in psychology. I became interested in linguistics when I took Stephanie Harves' syntax class at Pomona College. I was so enthralled by the theory of Universal Grammar (UG) (a set of principles and parameters that constrain all human languages) that I decided to pursue a PhD in linguistics. I received my PhD in linguistics from University of Southern California in 2012. Before joining the University of Hong Kong, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University