What is a community band?

The community music movement in the United States aims to provide all amateur musicians with the opportunity to play with like-minded musicians.   Most Community Band musicians have careers outside of music but enjoy making music as a hobby.    Concert bands typically have brass and woodwind instruments in addition to percussion.

When and where are rehearsals?

Mondays,  7:30-9pm.

Location:  Wygal Hall or Jarman Hall at Longwood University campus

More information on the Rehearsals Information page.

Are there auditions?

No, everyone will be welcome at these rehearsals.  The only "quality" expectations are the ability to read music and play a concert band instrument (primarily woodwinds, brass, percussion).

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

No, you can just show up, but contacting us ahead of time will help us plan for your arrival.

What kind of music does this band play?

At present, we play a mix of marches, popular songs, overtures, music from Hollywood and Broadway, and perhaps some jazz/dixie/swing.

I have not played since high school.    I am not sure I remember how to play.   Can I come and try?

Absolutely.   There will likely be others in the room who will also need to re-learn their instrument, and doing it as a group will help us all.   Even if it has been 10 or 50 years, it will come back to you over time.   If you think it will be fun to play again, come join us.

Is there a geographic restriction on membership?

No.   Although we expect to draw people primarily from the counties of Prince Edward, Charlotte, Appomattox, Nottoway, Buckingham, Amelia, Lunenberg, and Cumberland, anyone who can read music and play an appropriate instrument will be welcome to join our group.

What instrumentation does the band have?

We play traditional concert band and/or marching band music, which has parts for woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe), brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, baritone, euphonium), and percussion.    Most of our music does not have parts for piano, guitar, or other string instruments.

Do you provide instruments?

No.   Except for percussion, we assume you will provide your own instrument.   However, if you do not still have an instrument, contact us, and we can try to help you find one to borrow.

I am not sure if my instrument still works.   What do I do?

Get it out and try it.   If there are problems, contact us and we will help you determine how to make it playable again.

How much does it cost to join this band?

At present, there is no fee to play with the band.   However, there is $10 annual dues if a musician wishes to be considered a "member" of the band.  Musicians are expected to pay for maintenance and equipment for your instrument.  We will provide the music, music stands, and chairs.

When and where will this band perform?

We perform 4-6 times a year.   Performances have been held at:

Future plans include providing concerts or background music at various other civic events and area locations.