bv Hand BASIC

Hand BASIC - BASIC V Flavor Free App

Learn & Program BASIC Language 

The main features of Basic V are: 

- It is a structured Basic with a full range of statement types such as WHILE and REPEAT loops, a block IF statement and a CASE statement. 

- It has procedures and multi-line functions which can have local variables and arrays. 

- the interpreter is very fast.

Note: keywords and variables are case sensitive in BASIC V. To make typing easy type the keyword e.g. print, in small letters then press CAP button in order to capitalize the keyword (becomes PRINT)

Useful Commands:

FILES : List available files

EDIT : edit active program (currently loaded in memory) in editor

HELP : keywords help


Added virtual keyboard keys:

CAP : capitalize (actually toggle case) text immediately before cursor (if available)

INS : insert keyword (opens new view to select keyword)

ESC: break program (if program is running)

HIDE: close the virtual keyboard

bv Hand BASIC can do auto line numbering:

1) start new program NEW

2) type EDIT

3) type in the program without line numbers

4) when you close the editor you'll notice a message that indicates adding line numbers to program

to see numbered program type LIST (or type EDIT again)

Note: I recommend not to use GOTO statement, after all you have full range structured commands.