Welcome to the tranquil village of Harrogate in South Australia.

Harrogate was settled in 1858 on the banks of the Bremer River, nestled in a valley surrounded by the Bremer Ranges in the Adelaide Hills. Harrogate is believed to be named after Harrogate in Yorkshire, England by Hon John Baker.

Though only a small settlement, Harrogate supported a number of commercial and community buildings, including the Bible Christian Chapel, c1859, celebrating 150 years in 2009, and the Village Hall, c1861, which continues to serve as a Community Hall, the longest serving Community Hall to be constructed in the district.*

Harrogate has grown a little since those early days, however, it retains its peaceful beauty while enjoying a sense of close community. Indeed, a haven!

*source: District Council of Mount Barker Heritage Survey (2004)

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Harrogate c1900

image taken from "Appleton Family History 1839-1979", J. Herrmann, 1979

Harrogate c2004