Tape Drift discography

TAPE DRIFT DISCOGRAPHY(TD01) Century Plants - "Sound System Sound"(TD02) (VxPxC) - "Lizard in the Spring"(TD03) Burnt Hills - "Cloud Nine"(TD04) Slow Listener - "Desolation Sound"(TD05) Burnt Soil - s/t(TD06) Fossils From the Sun - "From Another Sun"(TD07) Stone Baby - "Vir Heroicus Subliminus"(TD08) Sunburned Hand of the Man - "Acid-X"(TD09) Rambutan - "Rusted Prayers Converge"(TD10) Century Plants - "Circular Spaces, Vol.1"(TD11) Magnetic North Duo - "Static Fields Forever"(TD12) Simon Wickham-Smith “A Seventh Persimmon”(TD13) Ophibre/Katchmare - "Divided Transmissions"(TD14) 6Magik9 - "Solid Space"(TD15) Enfer Boreal - "The Way of the Masks"(TD16) Our Love Will Destroy the World "Broken Spine Fantasia" C30(TD17) Fossils From the Sun/Rambutan - "Vertical" C30(TD18) Derek Rogers - "Petit Chapeau" C30(TD19) Chapels - "Shadows" C30(TD20) The Old Rig - "Space Crawl" cdr(TD21) M. Geddes Gengras - "Aural Mimesis" C60(TD22) thenumber46 - "ammonia and bleach" C52(TD23) Andreas Brandal - "Jernvognen" cdr(TD24) Zanzibar Snails - "Vitiligo" cdr(TD25) Hunting Rituals / Rambutan - "Spirit Wok" split cdr(TD26) Thresholders - "Protective Instincts" cdr(TD27) Jeremy Kelly - "Facing Space" C52(TD28) Lee Noble - "Infinity Bore" C45(TD29) Family Treasures - Altars of Ashes" C45(TD30) Padna - "There are So Many Fish in Heaven" cdr(TD31) Cruudeuces - "Exile Digs" C30(TD32) Book of Shadows - "12 Degree Chandelier" cdr(TD33) Century Plants/Locrian - "Dissolvers" LP(TD34) Inhibitionists - "Lithium Salt Mines" cdr(TD35) Millions - "Goldmouth" C30(TD36) Fossils From the Sun - "Forever Came Today" cdr(TD37) Jefferson Pitcher - "Now the Deer" cdr(TD38) Harold Biffen - "The Wormhole and the Hymn" cdr(TD39) Rambutan - "Ordinary Vertigo" lathe cut 7"(TD40) SoundBarn - "Valentine" cdr(TD41) Oddly Imploded- "Choke All Your Habits Before it's Too Late" cdr(TD42) Thresholders - II cdr(TD43) Rambutan - "The Temple of Echo" cdr(TD44) Sparkling Wide Pressure / Rambutan - split C52(TD45) code: suite 104 - "gateway" C20(TD46) Rust Worship - "Deposits of Despondency" C40(TD47) Jefferson Pitcher - "To Light the Snow" cdr + essays(TD48) Parashi - "Counterweight" cdr(TD49) LOCATION ENSEMBLE - s/t cdr(TD50) Century Plants - one-sided live LP (edition of 100)(TD51) Pummeler / The North Sea - split C52(TD52) The Aleph - s/t C20(TD53) Noah Coward - "Surname Improvement" cdr(TD54) Andy Futreal - "Before Knowing Remembers" cdr(TD55) soundBarn - "The Gunpowder Conspiracy" cdr(TD56) Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin - "3440" split C40(TD57) Derek Rogers - "Everything, All at Once" C30(TD58) Talk West - "Old Wired Fault" C30(TD59) Mensheviks - s/t cdr(TD60) Century Plants - "The Pharmacy Within" lathe-cut 7"(TD61) MV & EE w/ the Golden Smokehound - "Helderberg Haze" C60(TD62) Twilight of the Century - "Hibernation" C62(TD63) Luciernaga - "Land of 4 Corners" cdr(TD64) Nite Lite - "Pepper People" C20(TD65) Insects Waiting - "Nonsense Codes, Vol. 1" C30(TD66) PARASHIMAbH - s/t C40(TD67) Millions - "It's Always There" C42(TD68) Rambutan - "Pyramid for the Blind" C30(TD69) Ashtray Navigations - "Aero Infinite" C30(TD70) Grant Smith - "Exploding Diseases" cdr(TD71) Rambutan+Parashi - "Monomania" C32(TD72) Burnt Hills - "Slip Through Time" 2cdr set(TD73) Derek Rogers/Rambutan - split C62(TD74) Public Speaking - "MOUNTAINMURALS" C52(TD75) Swelter - Live in Lowell cdr(TD76) Matt Weston - Skate for the Lie C26(TD77) Rambutan - Liquid World Vol. 1  C32(TD78) Twilight of the Century - Live at WCDB  cdr(TD79) Steve Flato - Simulation of Another Thing cdr(TD80) Five Guitars for Tony Conrad cdr(TD81) Sunset to the Sea C60(TD83) Yerba Mansa/Open Sex split C47(TD84) Parashi - The Green Lion cdr(TD85) Error Massage - Nonaggress cdr(TD86) Andreas Brandal - Tapestry of Forgotten Ideas cd(TD87) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 1 cdr(TD88) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 2 cdr(TD89) Fossils From the Sun - What Do You Do?(TD90) Fordell Research Unit - Live at Poroth Farm(TD91) The Electric Nature - Shadow Selves Meet cdr(TD92) soundBarn - Late to the Orchard cdr(TD93) Loy Fontescue - Profiterole cdr(TD94) Weirding Module - Con Palo C47(TD95) Rambutan - The Temple of Echo 2 cdr(TD96) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 3 cdr(TD97) Chris Brokaw - Music for Peter Hutton cdr(TD98) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol.4 cdr(TD99) Rambutan - The Temple of Echo 3 cdr(TD100) Rambutan - The Salt Migration C47(TD101) Diazemum: A Psychobiography cdr(TD102) Angel Archer - S/T cdr(TD103) The Cold Rain Band - S/T C52(TD104) Sky Furrows - S/T LP(TD105) Rambutan - The Temple of Echo 4 cdr(TD106) Weston/Fleisenberg/Hardiman - S/T cdr(TD107) Century Plants - Intrinsic Geometry Vol. 1 cdr(TD108) Spiral Wave Nomads - Ten Color Ritual cdr(TD 109) Century Plants - Intrinsic Geometry Vol. 2 cdr(TD110) Sobbing Honey - Under the Shade of Malady cdr(TD111) Holland Hopson - Tell a Gossip cdr(TD112) Rambutan - Parallel Systems 2CD (co-release with Sedimental Records)(TD113) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 5 cdr(TD114) Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 6 cdr(TD115) Steve Flato - Microtonal Guitar cdr(TD116) Painted Faces -Life Rules cdr(TD117) CKDH - Aura cdr(TD118) Insect Factory & Rambutan - Radio Frequencies cdr(TD119) Rambutan - The Fading Signal cdr(TD120) Sunset to the Sea - Lot Cop C30(TD121) Rambutan - Liminal Realities C47(TD122) Rambutan - Fog of Growing Clarity cdr  (TD123) Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Amor Celestial C47