TD118 Insect Factory & Rambutan - Radio Frequencies cdr

Documentation of the first ever duo collaboration between Washington DC's Insect Factory (Jeff Barsky) and Albany, NY's Rambutan (Eric Hardiman). Improvised and recorded live on air 13 July 2021 at WCDB in Albany, NY.

TD113 Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 5 cdr

Fifth volume of improv excursions from the trio of John Olson, Jeff Case, and Eric Hardiman. What started off as a one-time experiment has become an annual year-end tradition. This one is a wild trip worth taking.

Recorded live in Albany, NY at the Casement on 12/24/18.

TD114 Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 6 cdr

Sixth volume of improv excursions from the trio of John Olson, Jeff Case, and Eric Hardiman. What started off as a one-time experiment has become an annual year-end tradition. Each one weirder and trippier than the last, make sure you collect them all!

Recorded live in Albany, NY at the Casement on 12/24/18.

TD112 Rambutan - Parallel Systems 2CD

A co-release with Sedimental Records, Rambutan's "Parallel Systems" is a professionally produced 2CD (glass-mastered) set in full-color plastic-free gatefold ecosleeve. It contains 154 minutes of music, with 33 audio collages paintsakingly created from original contributions from 69 artists in 9 different countries. Contributors include members of Fugazi, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Trumans Water, Sebadoh, Olivia Tremor Control, Reynols, Wolf Eyes, and a host of contemporary sound explorers.

Read more about it here:

Listen to the music here:

TD 111 Holland Hopson - Tell a Gossip CDR

An album of stunning and mesmerizing beauty in the form of seven solo electric guitar pieces from Holland Hopson. These tracks were recorded in Holland's studio in Alabama featuring a specially-designed guitar built for him by luthier Jefferson Pitcher. There is a purity on display here, featuring clean and unadorned playing that builds on Hopson's strengths as a songwriter, improviser, and all-around sonic wizard. His previous work has incorporated homemade electro-acoustic instruments, clawhammer style banjo and a range of abstract electronics. No matter the stylistic vessel, all of his music demonstrates the mind of a deep listener and thinker able to synthesize and integrate various ideas into something wholly new. Allow the musical vision and internal logic of these seven tracks the time and space to seep into your brain, and you will be deeply rewarded.

TD 110 Sobbing Honey - Under the Shade of Malady CDR

Sobbing Honey is Mike Meanstreetz and Grant Capes, sonic conjurers of auditory madness, confusion and delight. Armed with an array of mysterious electronic boxes, voices on tape and otherwise, this duo from Los Angeles dives deep into a well of musique concrete not yet hardened or intellectualized. Here they offer a journey that is a dense, heavily textured and fearless exploration into the unknown. Time slips away, and ominous shadows lurk behind every corner. Once these two hit their lurching stride, it’s best not to ask too many questions and just let the immersion process take control. Transcendent creeper blues from the alien zone.

TD106 Weston/Fleisenberg/Hardiman

Killer basement improv trio session recorded in Albany, NY in December 2010. Features Matt Weston and Flandrew Fleisenberg on drums and percussion, and Eric Hardiman on various electronics. Enter the zone.

25 March, 2020 - RELEASE DAY!

Two brand new releases for you! Limited edition, as always. Purchase buttons and descriptions below. Hope you enjoy!

TD103 The Cold Rain Band - s/t C52

Deep from the mysterious realms of Western MA emerges this tape we've been waiting decades for. Duo song-based project from Jeffrey Gallagher (Bridge of Flowers, Alto Jeffro) and Nate Brennan (Cruudeuces, Section 35) Words don't really do this one justice, but it's equal parts Silver Jews, Supreme Dicks, and Souled American. You'll have these songs in your head for years on end. Highest praise.

TD105 Rambutan - the temple of echo 4 CDR

Here's the next chapter (#4) in the ongoing series from Rambutan. In keeping with the first few, the emphasis remains on electronic bits rescued from the dustbin of time. Set the controls as you will and enjoy the excursion.


It's been too long, but that's ok. Two KILLER releases here, each emanating from locales special to our hearts here at Tape Drift (Scotland and California). These are limited releases, so don't hesitate if you want a copy!


Another Tape Drift missive from members of the Edinburgh crew, this one’s an utterly unique dive into the personal. Throughout the 70s and 80s the childhood of Britain was beset by dysfunctional adults enmeshed in alcoholic and prescription drug oblivion. Fraz and Sand dig up some personal aural memories of these times, from TV and popular song to gaze into the dark psychological underbelly of nuclear family meltdown in the age of the train. When Jimmy Saville was king and there was a bottle hidden in every laundry basket and the GP was more out of it than the local street dealers. So now the stage is set, you know what to do.


Bay Area action featuring members of Dire Wolves and Thomas Carnacki. Herein lay heady alien slabs sounding as though they were manufactured by eyeless crevice-dwelling spelunkers as a primordial lull from the earth’s center. The seismic scientists known as Angel Archer extend these sly aural invitations to sit around their green flame and answer such questions as: were monkeys really designed on Mars? Can we help the wood grubs with brain evolution? Is there life in the heart of desiccated obsidian? Angel Archer runs all the angles. Hop in and indulge your dankest vegetal phantasies.


We've got 4 (count 'em) brand new releases on Tape Drift. Very excited about these. It's been too long and we're happy to be putting new music out into the world. Check out the descriptions below and look for audio samples soon too. You can purchase titles individually, or save money with a "batch purchase" below. As always, THANK YOU for your support and for listening!

TD100 Rambutan - The Salt Migration C47

Hard to believe this is the 100th release on Tape Drift, but it's true. We're celebrating by offering up a return to the cassette format from Rambutan. Four tracks covering a wide span of time and stylistic zones. Tracks include the first Rambutan cello piece, a heavy drone meditation, and a track from the vaults featuring Mike Bullock on guest lap steel.

TD99 Rambutan - Temple of Echo 3

Third installment of the TEMPLE OF ECHO series from Rambutan. You'll know what to expect if you've followed the path so far. Seven tracks this time round, all from 2017-18, including an extended workout for synth and Indonesian suling. Cover art by Nathaniel Brennan.

TD98 Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 4

Fourth volume of far-out excursions from the annual trio of John Olson, Jeff Case, and Eric Hardiman. As with Volume 3, this was recorded on 23 December 2017 in Albany, NY. Sonic mutilations and fearless explorations. Hypnotize yourself and let this be the accompaniment to your psychic trip.

TD97 Chris Brokaw - Music for Peter Hutton

Tape Drift alum Chris Brokaw returns for his first solo offering on the label. We could not be more thrilled with the results. If you're not familiar with Brokaw's incredible discography (solo and with Codeine, Come, Charnel Ground, The New Year, etc.), get on it! But if you're already a fan, this one will be an essential addition to the mix. The music was composed to be performed with Peter Hutton's short films. Chris presented the work in 2017 and 2018 in screenings of the films, including a show in June, 2018, in Norway. Two tracks here - one's a 35 minute ambient guitar work that is astoundingly deep in its beauty, and the other a 5 minute coda using field recordings. It's a release that rewards multiple repeat listens and suggests there is little Chris cannot achieve with his six strings.

TD96 Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 3

Third installment of the tripped-out PSY JAZZ trio unit comprised of John Olson, Jeff Case, and Eric Hardiman. Recorded on 23 December 2017 in Albany, NY. New instruments (harp, guitar, homemade horns) and sonic approaches are in the mix, but it's the same zoned-out hypnotic magic as before. Part of an ongoing series - collect em' all!

TD93 Loy Fontescue - "Profiterole" CDR

Seemingly from out of nowhere comes this mysterious yet absolutely stunning disc of solo guitar jammers, both electric and acoustic. Guaranteed to fry all of the necessary synapses in your brain. Includes two duets for improvised electric guitar and fireworks, if that gives you any sense of the surprises in store. Anyone remotely into exploratory guitar action needs to check this out post-haste.

TD94 Weirding Module - "Con Palo" tape

First Tape Drift appearance from longtime project Weirding Module, the work of musical genius Michael Troutman (Awesome Color, Violent Ramp, Senseless Empire). Now operating out of Ithaca, NY, Troutman delivers a beautifully hypnotic and essential synth-based tape. Drawing inspiration from all over the musical map, this tape hits all of the right pleasure zones. Deeply oscillating textural patterns snake through and beyond outer space, demonstrating instrumental mastery and a command of subtlety. Superb.

TD95 Rambutan - "The Temple of Echo 2" CDR

Second volume in an ongoing series from Rambutan entitled Temple of Echo. As with the first set, this volume presents nearly an hour drawn from new material, long-dormant outtakes, and sideways travelers from the archives. Recorded in Delmar, NY and Edinburgh, UK between 2012 and 2017. Cover art by Nathaniel Brennan (Cruudeuces, Section 35, Ghetto Naturalist Series).

August 23,2017

Next batch is here! Shipping is included in the prices below, plus our usual special batch deal to save you some money. Thanks for checking out the music!

TD88 Olson/Case/Hardiman – March of the Mutilated Vol. 2

Second part of the tripped-out PSY JAZZ trio session from John Olson, Jeff Case, and Eric Hardiman recorded in November 2016. Various woodwinds, synth, and percussion and drums in full improv mode.

TD91 – The Electric Nature – Shadow Selves Meet in the Light

Fearless and expansive heavy psych rock trio from Athens, GA featuring Michael Potter on guitar, Michael Pierce on drums, and Thom Strickland on bass. Nothing here clocks in at less than fifteen minutes, with the trio giving us three epic and harrowing excursions into the dark zone. Rumbling and hypnotic drones seamlessly give way to full-on noise freakouts, hypnotic PSF reveries, and pummeling krautrock passages. It’s a delight to hear the trio working out their inner demons together as they conjure a unique brand of free cosmic rock.

TD92 – soundBarn – Late to the Orchard

Very excited to welcome soundBarn back to the fold here at Tape Drift. The upstate NY twin guitar improv explorations of Lail and Weklar have broadened in scope this time, captured beautifully in a full studio environment. Allow yourself the luxury to dive deep into the clangs, twitches, scrapes and cavernous pools of reverb herein. Twelve strings, some organ, a handful of household objects and years of patient sonic discovery all add up to a majestic and beautiful auditory experience.

March 5, 2017

We're back (finally!) with our first announcement of the new year. A beautiful new batch of music for you - FOUR releases this time. Very proud to be releasing all of these, and we hope you'll consider taking a chance on the sounds. Individual prices are listed under each description with domestic and international rates.

TD86 Andreas Brandal - Tapestry of Forgotten Ideas

Tape Drift has been a huge fan of Brandal’s music for at almost a decade now, and his second outing for the label is a stunning contribution to his body of work. The cold darkness of Norway informs his music, but it his ability to conjure worlds completely unknown that really makes Andreas stand out. Tapestry of Forgotten Ideas (TOFI) showcases a collection of tracks that are heavy and noisy yet complex and bursting with complex sonic details. His releases consistently offer aural surprises while never letting the quality meter show any signs of flagging. It’s a remarkable feat given the size and scope of his discography. Don’t skip this one.

TD89 Fossils From the Sun - What Do You Do?

Tape Drift alum and amazing musician Ray Hare (Century Plants, Burnt Hills) returns with an absolutely zoned masterpiece of singular vision and focus. Recorded at home in the wee hours of the night, this guitar meditation offers a glimpse into yet another side to the mysterious puzzle of the Ffrthesun sound. Settle in and let the sound wash over you for this one. Clocking in at a massive 52 minutes, the single piece proffered here traverses the hypnotic line between guitar minimalism and maximalism in expert fashion. Full hypnotic trajectory achieved!

TD87 Olson/Case/Hardiman - March of the Mutilated Vol. 1

We could not be more excited about the documentation of the first ever meeting of this trio featuring Michigan noise legend John Olson, drummer Jeff Case (Burnt Hills) and Eric Hardiman (Century Plants, Burnt Hills). When a casual invitation to jam turns into a crazy marathon free improv session, you know there’s some wild zones involved. The result was nothing less than inspired psycho jazz at its best, with Olson and Hardiman locking horns and tones, while Case provided the scaffolding. And this is only Volume 1 - stay tuned for Volume 2 soon! Recorded on Black Friday 2016 in Albany. First professionally produced disc for the label too, with full cover printed discs in color cardstock sleeves.

TD90 Fordell Research Unit - Live at Poroth Farm

Deep collection of top shelf drones, noise, static, and hidden melodies from this massively talented and unheralded duo from Edinburgh. Masters of the subtle and hypnotic, with every slight movement yielding higher order brain disruptions and epiphanies galore. Live outings, while rare, are must-see events that can transport even the most casual observer into deeply meditative zones. This disc finds the mad scientist Scots delivering seven statements of intent that are undeniably heavy and dense while also allowing plenty of room for air and even light. Essential tones for mental therapy. And don’t forget – if they move, kill ‘em.

August 16, 2016

We are back! Summer's almost over but we have an excellent new batch of releases ready for you. All in very limited quantities, so act fast if you want one! Samples and descriptions below, as well as paypal options. Be seeing you!

Check out all the sounds here:

TD83 Yerba Mansa/Open Sex C47

Two killer duos share a tape and your head will be all the better for it. Side A is Yerba Mansa, featuring Edwin (guitars) and Andrew (drums) from the UK’s best band Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura. Obliterating psych-shred jammage heavily influenced by North African modalities and designed to hypnotize/mesmerize to infinity. Side B is Open Sex, featuring Tyler Damon (drums) and John Dawson (tapes etc). Springing from the wilds of Indiana and several larger ensembles, this duo stirs it up in droned out style with loads of trippy goodness and glorious epiphanies around every corner. The answer lies within.

TD84 Parashi - The Green Lion CDR

Return visit from Tape Drift alum and jammer deluxe Mike Griffin’s solo project. If you’ve ever seen a live solo set, witnessed Griffin’s contributions to Burnt Hills, or zoned out to one of his many collaborative projects, you’ll already know this is a must have disc. Parashi always mines a deep, dark vein of electronic noise that is beyond categorization. Each release adds something new and essential, and this one is no exception. Heavy concepts and even heavier execution are the order of the day, as Griffin proves he is a true zen master. Blast this one at maximum volume and hold on for dear life!

TD85 Error Massage – Nonaggress CDR

To say that we’re excited to be releasing a disc from the brand new solo project of San Diego’s mighty Glen Galloway would be a massive understatement. Glen’s been involved since the early 90’s in various superb outfits including Trumans Water, Soul Junk, and Octagrape. With a totally unique and captivating style, his guitar playing, singing and songwriting are never less than essential. With Error Massage we get to witness Glen diving deep into experimental noise realms, using guitar and effects to blow our minds yet again. The results are extraordinary, and you won’t want to miss this amazing piece to the Galaxy puzzle. Art by Marcello Velho. SOLD OUT.

TD79 Steve Flato - Simulation of Another Thing (CDR)

San Diego's Steve Flato has released music on a number of great labels including Kendra Steiner Editions, Copy For Your Records, Lengua de Lava, and his own Abrash imprint. His Tape Drift debut is a stunning example of Steve's artistry and laser-like focus. Fascinating sonic details and rich textures abound, with acoustic (French horn, tuba and trombone feature heavily) and electronic elements co-existing to create an endlessly deep well of sound. Much of Flato’s work has explored just intonation and shimming drone work. The zones in this disc find him pushing even further outwards, yet somehow with increased accessibility. It’s a magical feat, and one that only Steve could pull off with such style and grace. Ruthless editing, superb mastering by Alan Jones, and obsessive attention to detail pay off with the end result an incredibly diverse and still fully cohesive *album* in the true sense.

TD80 Five Guitars for Tony Conrad (CDR)

It is with great sadness that we have to announce this release just after Conrad’s passing. The music world has lost one of the best, and a massive inspiration to so many. An almost 60 minute set of layered guitar drones from John Bohannon, Tom Carter, Eric Hardiman, Ray Hare and Michael Hentz. This tribute to drone genius and experimental music luminary Tony Conrad was recorded live at Issue Project Room in October 2010 as part of a Drone Marathon Festival alongside Tony Conrad, Sarah Lipstate (Noveller) & Shahin Motia (Oneida) duo, Phill Niblock, Al Margolis, and Marcia Bassett. Previously issued on cassette by the Auasca label in an edition of 65 tapes. Artwork & layout by Michael Hentz.

TD81 Sunset to the Sea (C60)

Sunset to the Sea is the collaborative improvised duo of accomplished guitarists Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come) and Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory). Their first release together, this tape documents two live sets from 2014. If you think you know what to expect from these two based on their previous recordings in various units, think again. Together they weave a heavy and dense magic, with repetition and depth key characteristics. There’s a bleak dystopian feel in places that recalls the most probing and exploratory corners of industrial zones, but also a crackly warmth and humanity that only two skilled improvisers like these could add. Dark and hypnotic in the best way possible.



Tape Drift springs back into action with three releases we're very excited to share with you. Hope you will consider checking these out. As always, a batch deal will get you all three at reduced price! Let us know if you have any questions.

TD76 Matt Weston - Skate for the Lie C26

First solo release on Tape Drift from master percussionist and improv genius Matt Weston. Those who have caught Matt’s stunning live sets will know what he is capable of at the drum kit, but this release goes so much further. Combining new elements with old, Matt has crafted a tape that will intrigue and captivate listeners with its unique brand of sonic magic. Instrumental prowess, improvisation, and incredible composition skills combine in one perfectly realized release. The amazing b-side is an absurdly epic track moving through its various parts with total grace and skill – perhaps the most ambitious Weston piece to date, and that’s saying quite a lot!

TD77 Rambutan - Liquid World Vol.1 C32

Five previously unreleased Rambutan tracks all prominently featuring the guitar. The flip is a sidelong exercise in droned-out guitar feedback. The first in a series of Rambutan releases on Tape Drift. Collect em’ all!


TD78 Twilight of the Century - Live at WCDB cdr

Archival live recording from the rarely active but always thrilling quartet of Mike Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock, Ray Hare, and Eric Hardiman. Invited to record a live-to-radio set in the studio of Albany’s WCDB station in 2009, the group went full-bore into heavy improv noise-doom mode. Sizzling fuzz leads, twin doom bass action, assorted droning electronics and anguished vocals collide to make this an almost hour-long fearless descent into heavy darkness.



Tape Drift is very excited to be releasing this tape from Public Speaking, the solo project of Brooklyn’s Jason Anthony Harris. Following up on his “Blanton Ravine” LP and CD for Fabrica Records, "MOUNTAINMURALS" see Harris switching gears to produce an album of abstract instrumental music. It was made almost entirely with electronically manipulated household objects that have been processed, stretched and treated to evoke the immensity of natural phenomena - earthquakes, asteroids, volcanoes, lightning, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, mudslides, snowstorms, avalanches, etc. - and their ever-carving, sculptural violence. Man mirrors and intensifies this destructive reshaping of his environment through architecture, manufacturing, waste, art, and war - a disastrous amplification of the volatile "natural" forces.


Swelter indeed. A hot slab of collaborative psychic summer energy burn from two of the finest experimentalists in North America – Howard Stelzer and David Payne (Fossils). Two-man howl of shredded tapes and analog junk recorded live in August 2014 in Lowell, MA, the music on this disc is all about texture, sizzle and feel. It would be folly (and beside the point) to pick out individual contributions, as both voices blend superbly into a single slab of sound. When the music is this good, it’s far better to sit back, let the sound wash over you and experience the ultimate sonic catharsis. A dense and even psychedelic mind scrubbing that offers multiple epiphanies and aesthetic rewards. New details emerge with each listen, but it’s the overall immersive effect that will pull you back in time and time again. Like entering a new world where time and space have collapsed and all that remains is the beautiful abyss.

DEC. 15, 2014 - TWO NEW RELEASES!!

We are excited to announce the last batch of 2014, with two special releases. You can purchase separately or together for a special batch rate. Also, stay tuned in 2015 for lots more exciting releases!

Burnt Hills - Slip Through Time 2CDR (TD72)

A special massive release from Albany’s finest underground legends. After a slew of limited vinyl releases, this is the very first edited volume of Burnt Hills music, with track selections personally selected and excerpted from weekly recordings made deep in the basement of the legendary Helderberg House. Sprawling heavy guitars, throbbing bass pulses, electronics, xylophone, vocals, and a pummeling pair of drummers create instant zones of ragged intensity. Music made with pure joy, this release is two and a half hours of undiluted raw energy. Limited edition release, do not let this pass you by!

Derek Rogers / Rambutan - split C62 (TD73)

It’s been several years since these two shared a tape release (2008’s split on Existential Cloth Recordings being the last), and their reunion here is cause for celebration. Derek offers a side of deep electronic experimentation, with sounds ranging from sparse and foreboding forays into outer space to meditative and hypnotic drones. Pushing forward with each new release, Derek always delivers the musical goods, and we are proud to have him back on Tape Drift again. On the b-side Rambutan offers up five new pieces following last year’s LP on Fabrica Records. Each track showcases a different side of the Rambutan puzzle. With special art design by our good friend Darto, it all adds up to an essential tape for your collection.


Three brand new releases for a bundled and discounted rate. See below for descriptions, photos, and audio samples.

Ashtray Navigations - Aero Infinite C30 (TD69)

Rounding out the label’s round of hero worship, this tape arrives from one of our original sources of label inspiration (with the other pillars being Simon Wickham-Smith and Campbell Kneale). It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of Phil Todd’s Ashtray Navigations project to our own personal sonic journey, so being able to release this brand new set of tunes is pure joy. All the Ashtray Navigations elements you know and love are present, but something feels new and fresh here – it could be the way the synths and guitars blend with perfection, the full-on obliteration of time, the trippy intensity of each maximalist moment, or the fearless exploration of new zones. Whatever it is, the best solution is full surrender. Aero Infinite is more than just another addition to a massively quality back catalog – it’s an essential new step forward.

Grant Smith - Exploding Diseases cdr (TD70)

A reissue of a long-forgotten disc from Edinburgh’s Grant Smith, this release represents a huge honor for Tape Drift. When Grant gave us a copy of the original, we knew it deserved a wider audience, and begged for a reissue. Perhaps better known for his guitar work with the mighty (and criminally low profile) Muscletusk, Smith’s solo electronics here focus on tonal excavations into the deep dark caverns of bass sound. Overlapping tones float forth from oscillators while rotors and buzzing noises provide sonic markers for the listener. The sense of timing is impeccable, with each element perfectly placed and nothing more than necessary included. Full immersion at high volume is recommended, though be forewarned - it may lead to immediate hypnosis, disorientation and psychic epiphany. It’s that good.

Rambutan+Parashi - Monomania C32 (TD71)

The second collaborative release from upstate NY’s Rambutan and Parashi projects, following the 2012 “Lesser Halogens” tape on SicSic. Mike Griffin (Parashi) and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan) bring forth another mesmerizing set of improvised sounds. Hazy layers of sonics drift and collide, leaking corrosive acid trails behind them. The essence of monomania lay in its pathologically exaggerated focus; on this tape, Hardiman and Griffin forgo insanity but maintain a uniquely single-minded vision throughout.

A thirty minute blast from the unreleased archives of Rambutan. Treading in perhaps noisier and more scuzzed-out zones than usual, these two sides offer a side excursion from recent releases. Meant to be played loud for full immersion. Extremely limited edition.


Insects Waiting – Nonsense Codes, Vol. 1 C30 (TD65)

First set of tape mangling duo improv jams from the UK-US partnership of Edinburgh’s Euan Currie (Dead Labour Process) and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan). Features material from a live set recorded at a sweltering Scottish afternoon show in June 2013. At points jarring and bewildering, at others hypnotic and trippy. Like a sonic moebius strip, motifs repeat and twist inwards leaving the listener to piece together the dangling strands of internal logic. Sound collage and beer vs. telly and a tennis match, and the results on this tape suggest the winner was clear.


ParashiMAbH – s/t C40 (TD66)

Two Stunned alum (Mike Griffin/Parashi and Peter Taylor/Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand) team up for the second US-UK collaborative effort in this batch. Following a night of strategic planning in a London pub, Griffin and Taylor traded files by mail for this killer duo project. Combining the mysterious and otherworldly industrial noise of Parashi with MAbH’s deep drones and intricately layered sounds results in a nearly indescribable aural journey that goes from soothing and tranquil to ominous and bleak with multiple zones in between. Two masters at work prove that geographic distance is no barrier to musical mind-melding.


Millions – It’s Always There C42 (TD67)

Intensely heavy and visceral power drones comingle with moments of jaw-dropping sonic beauty on this second TD release from Brooklyn’s Dave Suss and his solo project Millions. A keen sense of timing and total mastery over every texture is evident, as Suss drops us into the dark caverns of his alien sound world. Meant to be played loudly for the fullest immersion effect possible, this is dense, rich and deeply transporting music. Dive in and let Millions be your guide on a cathartic and ecstatic journey into the depths.


NITE LITE - Pepper People C20 (TD64)

Tape Drift is thrilled and honored to present this heartfelt missive from the West Coast, highlighting the wonderfully strange music of Phil and Myste French, proprietors of the famed and influential Stunned Records label (RIP). Featuring not only music but also art and packaging by Phil and Myste, this is a very special release for Tape Drift and one that can be considered our own tribute to a label that has inspired us for years, and has supported so many acts in the DIY tape world. It looks, sounds, and feels like a tiny remembrance of the days when a package of Stunned tapes arriving in the post was better than a holiday. Musically, Nite Lite pushes even further into the development of their own unique sound world showcased so well on the “Megrez” LP for Desire Path Recordings. Various field recordings blend with tiny percussive figures, tapes, and drones to create an organic and seamless whole that is both mysterious and magical in its transportational powers. As with everything Phil and Myste have had a hand in, this tape is a meticulously crafted thing of beauty, and essential in every way.


LUCIERNAGA - Land of 4 Corners cdr (TD63)

First Tape Drift outing from Luciernaga, the alias of Joao Da Silva, founder and co-owner of Fabrica Records. This new disc follows in the footsteps of the excellent “Plays Propaganda Songs” cd on Fabrica, and a series of self-released cassettes. In Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina, Meli Wixan Mapu translates as “Land of Four Corners.” And so begins the journey… Taking its title from an essential concept within Mapuche cosmology, on “Land of Four Corners” Luciernaga attempts to capture, through dense and hazy dream-like pieces, the scents, sounds and emotions experienced through travel (both real and imagined) in the “four corners” of the world. The sounds make their way from the meditative ambience of processed voices and multi-layered festive ceremonial drumming to ominous and somber drones. It all ends at dusk, looking to the West… a harsh and confused place. Land of Four Corners was created using voice, shruti box, am/fm radio, and heavily processed, distorted and manipulated field recordings made throughout New York, Istanbul and Santiago de Chile. Luciernaga’s music carries the listener to foreboding and dark places, but always with a calm and assured sense of dignity. The first 25 copies of the disc ordered from the label will include a special lino cut print by the artist!


**Distributed Item**

CHALAQUE - Sounds From the Other Ideology LP (Golden Lab)

We are very excited to have a small handful of copies of this just-released LP on Golden Lab. It features the heavy trio power psych shred of Nick Mitchell on guitar, Eric Hardiman on bass, and Pascal Nichols on drums, recorded live in Salford, UK earlier this year. A few reviews of the LP will give you a better idea what it’s all about:

“Mitchell plays in a wild, wailing style that crosses the Beyond The Material Sky-isms of Billy TK’s Powerhouse work with the nagging blues tropes of Bill Orcutt and the proto-metal appeal of Sonny Sharrock circa Last Exit while Hardiman and Nichols play it like goddamn Motorhead, rocking out on endless two-chord garage punk dunts that are more Crushed Butler than Rangda. Seriously some of the best/wildest avant rock six string excess to come out of the UK since, what, Smoke Jaguar” David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

“Nick Mitchell SHREDS THE FUCK OUT on his guitar, as if he was trying to use the six-string instrument to drain the life energy from everybody in the room, while Hardiman and Nichols add to the festival of destruction, ripping massive pieces of flesh with every single note and drum hit they make… It’s one of the most uncompromising, pedal-to-the-metal, burning and scratching psychedelic rock albums of this year. If not THE most extreme one. Highly recommended.” Weed Temple

“Look out! Sounds From the Other Ideology is coming for your head. There is nothing which will mitigate its raw, psych fury from permeating your consciousness… Every so often, a release comes around that makes one smile and remember the reason they love music… Holy indica! Straight from trichome heaven, Sounds From the Other Ideology joins Astral Body Electric as my jams of the year.” Honest Bag

“With its lo-fi recording and improvisational nature, Sounds From the Other Ideology has a clearly wild, chaotic quality to it that gives it a sense of immediacy and intensity. Never does it sound directionless or self indulgent, as can often happen in performances of this nature, it instead uses the sonic warts and technical limitations to its best advantage. When things get messy, it is glorious, but things never go too far out of hand, and the group always manages to reign (sic) things in brilliantly.”

TWILIGHT OF THE CENTURY - Hibernation C62 (TD62)

First available recordings of this long-running (yet rarely playing) improvisational unit, consisting of Ray Hare, Mike Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock, and Eric Hardiman. Coming together in 2008 as a one-off merger between Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight, TOC quickly took on a life of its own, with each of the four members providing a unique voice and set of experience. This tape showcases a single session, with the group creating 4 epic tracks that range from hauntingly atmospheric to menacing and ominous, with countless stopping points in between. Mysterious synth textures, Linda's treated voice, Ray's guitar and inimitable vox, and dueling doom-laden yet contemplative bass riffs from Mike and Eric are the core ingredients, and together they form a whole that defies description. Features cover art by Stunned Records' Myste French. Dig in!




MV&EE w/ the Golden Smokehound - Helderberg Haze C60 (TD61)

Scorchingly beautiful live basement set from Matt and Erika, this time traveling with fantastic drummer the Golden Smokehound. Recorded in summer 2012 at the Helderberg House in Albany, NY. A choice night from a trio directly tuned into every lunar twist and turn, beaming magic soundwaves straight to us here on earth. From Matt's delicately picked acoustic guitars to Erika's otherwordly lapsteel to multiple fuzz-laden cascades of inspiration to a perfect Dylan cover, MV and EE shared their journey with a few friends lucky enough to sit and be hypnotized. We thought it'd be a crime not to share this cosmic music further. So for those unable to make it, this release captures the whole show on glorious analog tape. Free your mind and let the sound wash over you.


CENTURY PLANTS - s/t (Tape Drift, 2012)

Century Plants deliver the goods here with a one-sided live LP (limited to 100 copies) that is a tribute/homage to British hardcore legends Discharge. A heartfelt and very sincere love letter to the punk spirit of 1982 if you will. It’s a fitting concept, given that Century Plants member Ray Hare was part of that original era, as the lead singer for Washington DC’s Deadline. In fact, Hare’s deep roots in the punk scene (he appears on the seminal “Flex Your Head” LP) make his vocal homage to Discharge even more appropriate. Musically, Century Plants have updated the sound of 81/82, with a fully improvised approach, fuzz-drenched feedback, and lyrics that draw on several different Discharge songs. Most importantly, the spirit of blistering political dissent and anti-authoritarianism shines through, with Hare snatching Discharge concepts and phrases at will. It all captures the energy and sonic assault of punk, yet filtered through modern-day noise, drone, and DIY strategies as well. A unique item in their catalog, this is the second vinyl appearance for Albany, NY’s Century Plants, following a split LP with Locrian. Usually a duo (Eric Hardiman and Ray Hare), Century Plants are joined for this record by drummer Phil Donnelly. The three also play together as part of the singularly sprawling improv psych rock unit Burnt Hills. Rather than continuing the ominous dronescapes of the split with Locrian, in this live recording Century Plants offer an intensely rockist track, melding several of their core influences (psych rock, punk, noise, and even dub) into one seething, energetic track. Upstate Violence/Upstate Control? PLAY LOUD!

$12 ppd in the US. Email for international rates (hardiman04 AT gmail). Paypal to same address.


OCTOBER 2, 2012 --A brand new batch of TAPE DRIFT goodies is ready for your eyes and ears. It's a fantastic collection of music, please consider supporting the label and buying something!

TD55 through TD59 are here!

To buy copies, please email (hardiman04 AT gmail). $6 each ppd in the US, or save by buying all 5 for $25!

Email for international rates. All of these are limited edition items.

(TD55) soundBarn - "The Gunpowder Conspiracy" cdr

Second TD outing from this upstate NY pair of deconstructionists. Lail and Weklar continue in their quest to explore the outer realms of the guitar. Drawing their name from the cavernous reverberating room where they record, these two tackle the challenge of making their guitars sputter, snarl and growl in tandem. The resulting textures are thick, dark and ominous, with smoky trails of feedback framing a journey into sound itself. The clanging metallic scrapes of Russell/Morley and Moore/Ranaldo are the starting points, yet these two extend the path into infinity.


(TD56) Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin - "3440" split C40

A stunning split tape from two of our very favorite new discoveries here at Tape Drift. Both sides are spellbinding in their displays of restraint, silence, pure focus and minimalism. Conceptually pure, it’s an homage to the Teac 3440 reel-to-reel machine, referencing the technology that both Mason (Florida) and McLaughlin (Minnesota) use to provide tactile sonic elements to their work. Mason opens the split with a sparse and very gentle approach that is equally focused on melody, texture, and detail. Tape loops comingle with hushed guitars and background noise to lull us into pure relaxation and meditation zones. On the flip, McLaughlin explores reel-to-reel technologies, with room sound and concrete sources occasionally interspersed with banjo and guitar. This tape is like nothing else in our catalog, and its magic power is undeniable.


(TD57) Derek Rogers - "Everything That Mattered, At Once" C30

Another visit from TD alum Derek Rogers is cause for celebration. In the intervening years since “Petit Chapeau”, Rogers has made an indelible mark on the DIY/drone worlds, showing a growth and development only possible with someone who takes their craft this seriously. This tape is a perfect distillation of Derek’s gently overdriven melodic sensibilities. Ever patient, he masterfully wraps his sounds in soft blankets of fuzz that cascade over the listener until the known world disappears and all that’s left is a gorgeous landscape of sonic majesty. Essential listening.

(TD58) Talk West - "Old Wired Fault" C30

Solo recordings on 12-string acoustic, pedal steel, and electronics from Dylan Golden out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s a decidedly dust-bowl feel at play here, with Dylan demonstrating a keen attention to texture, space, and his relationship to his instruments. Moments of rust-bitten finger-picked blues are interspersed with gorgeous ambient lapsteel drifting into outer space. And while the musical geography is midwestern at its heart, there’s also an incredible universality in the harmonic and melodic language Dylan has crafted. Beautifully emotional sounds that cover so much ground you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without this tape.


(TD59) Mensheviks - s/t cdr

Debut release from the Albany-based quartet of Matt Weston (percussion), Ray Hare (vocals, electronics), Mike Griffin (electronics), and Eric Hardiman (electronics). Individually these four have years of experience navigating the waters of improvisational sound creation. Collectively they enter new zones of mystery and confusion together, with each bizarre twist and turn becoming as important as the narrative itself. Moments of restraint and attentive listening abound as the complex intersections of sound slowly build to dense peaks, and a cohesive horizon emerges. A live recording from the Upstate Artists Guild, this is hopefully the first of many fine releases from Mensheviks.


(TD51) Pummeler / The North Sea - split C52

This scorcher of a split tape has been sitting in the Tape Drift vaults for far too long, and it’s high time it sees proper release. If you’ve been following the world of underground sound the last few years, you’ll know these folks and know this tape is mandatory listening. Mikkel Dunkerly’s Pummeler project has released music on Stunned, Digitalis, Small Doses and more. His side here lives up to the name, delivering a dense, dark, and rich wall of sound that is highly addictive. Brad Rose, under his North Sea guise, should also need no introduction. All biases aside, the North Sea contribution here reigns supreme among his recorded works. Rose uses an arsenal of synth-based equipment to provide entry into a cavernous funnel of sound that is equally frightening, gorgeous, and mysterious.

(TD52) The Aleph - s/t C20

Killer mysterious one-off clandestine improvisation session from four LA-based scene veterans, three of whom are Tape Drift alums. Derek Rogers, Lee Noble, Alex Gray, and Charlotte Van Kemmel joined forces to bring to light that which is both misunderstood and vaguely familiar all at once. Looped and slowed field recordings, tranquil synth stabs, alien tape loops, phantom rogue female voices, drifting analog arpeggios – a lush hodgepodge of random sounds that interweave to create a joyous and rich aural tapestry. These four fearless denizens of the LA tape world have crafted a magical 20 minute jam that will be sure to receive endless repeat plays in your household.


(TD53) Noah Coward - "Surname Improvement" cdr

Rounding out the international team on Tape Drift comes this trio of master musicians from the Ukraine. Tape Drift is thrilled to be able to help document this fantastic group, featuring member of the Moglass, Riasni Drova Consort, and other assorted units. Skittering drums, guitars, and incredible vox add up to far more than the sum of their parts, as exemplified by their bold and visionary take on the classic “Sally Free and Easy”. Using song-based structures merely as a starting point, and veering heavily into free improvisation realms, the four tracks here are profound explorations into a dark and swirling organic form of psychedelia that could only have come from the deepest reaches of the Ukraine.


(TD54) Andy Futreal - "Before Knowing Remembers" cdr

UK-based solo artist Andy Futreal delivers his fifth release (see others on Sloow Tapes, Harha-askel & Object Tapes) and we couldn’t be happier about being the ones to put it out. A single piece of sound collage, incorporating beautiful acoustic guitar, shortwave radio, lapsteel, piano, assorted other instruments, and field recordings Andy has made during his extensive travels in Asia, the UK, and the US. The resulting mix is a fascinating and deeply compelling journey through time, space, and culture. Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this unique auditory ride.


January 27, 2012 - A brand new release to announce! Please email for international rates.


Debut release from this upstate NY guitar ensemble. Seven or eight guitarists and a rhythm section thundering through a delicious set of heavily Branca, Ranaldo, and Chatham-inspired pieces. Massed electric guitars building to ecstatic peaks. No wave, drone, minimalism, maximalism, it's all in there, but given fresh life. This release captures one of the group's rare live sets, performing three original works. Players were Matt Weston, Ray Hare, Thomas Lail, Holland Hopson, Eric Hardiman, Patrick Weklar, Howard Glassman, Tara Fracalossi, and Jason Martin.

October 1, 2011 - FIVE New Releases! The biggest batch yet, all in limited editions.

TD44 Sparkling Wide Pressure/Rambutan - split C52 (SOLD OUT)

Revisiting a superb pairing of like minds that started many years ago on the Small Doses label, Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) and Rambutan (Eric Hardiman) again share a release that is more than the sum of its parts. This time, the strategies are quite divergent, yet each arrives in a similar state of revery combined with patient sonic and emotional investigation. Baugh’s guitar work is at its peak here, and after following the SWP oeuvre very closely over the years, we can safely say this ranks as a shining and defining moment for his project. The two sides of this tape are psychedelic, cosmic, haunting, repetitive, and otherworldly in equal parts.


TD45 code: suite 104 "gateway" C20

Debut release from this solo minimal electronics project by Montreal’s Frank Hobo Cubes. Mysterious in theme, this is an excellent side excursion into new realms for Frank. Hovering tones, pulses, and glitches reference classic electronic works, but each sound is imbued with a sense of space and importance, creating a work that stands entirely on its own. Twenty minutes of perfection, and the brevity is part of the appeal – nothing more is said than is absolutely essential. You’ll find yourself flipping the tape over and over, eagerly wanting to spend more time in its cavernous sound.


TD46 Rust Worship "Deposits of Despondency" C40

A fascinating journey into sound, with touch points (suggested or otherwise) in plunderphonics, hip-hop, musique concrete, and noise. The solo work of NYC denizen Paul Haney, Rust Worship does not shy away from bold statement, and this tape is no exception. With an intense focus, Haney achieves maximum hypnosis in short order. Turntables, tape and electronics combine in new and dizzying ways. Throughout the 40 minutes, Haney utilizes a dual sense of composition/narrative and noisy abandon to pull the listener into his soundworld. Recorded in Brooklyn by Tmm Mulligan.


TD47 Jefferson Pitcher "To Light the Snow" cdr + essays

Second Tape Drift outing from this amazing guitarist, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. A solo recording from the depth of winter, isolated in rural Canada. Resulting from a process-oriented project (improvising every Sunday for a set period of time, coupled with a companion piece of writing for each track), this one goes deep in its unique exploration of prepared guitar, tumbling overtones, chord relationships, hushed ambience, and sheer beauty. All tracks were improvised in one take, with no editing or overdubs. Pitcher’s full command of the instrument is never at question, and his tone is instantly recognizable as his own. Yet there’s no need to show off here – these thoughtful forays into particular moods/themes are gorgeous, compelling, and highly addictive. Comes with Pitcher’s original companion essays as a booklet. A fascinating and very intimate window into the mind of one of today’s most essential improvising guitarist.

Jefferson Pitcher - 3 29 09 (excerpt) by rambutan

TD48 Parashi "Counterweight" cdr

Following a pair of highly praised releases on the sadly defunct Stunned label, Parashi heads over to Tape Drift to offer this incredible disc of restrained and yet highly intense minimal electronics. As always, Mike Griffin takes the listener to unexplored territories, with sonic pieces that will shake your system. Implied drones create a sinister mood, while crackling electronic rhythms suggest a pulsing system beneath the forces of gravity. Each sound is careful and thoughtfully placed, and the end result is a masterpiece of bleak and haunting power.


TD40 soundBarn – “Valentine”

soundBarn has been mining the possibilities of extreme guitar for years, and Tape Drift is thrilled to present their debut recording. The single long-form track of Valentine finds the duo creating fields of sonic sprawl that defy easy definition. Recorded live in their performance space/ studio at a turn of the century, rural, Upstate New York orchard, soundBarn’s Thomas Lail and Patrick Weklar ply prepared and altered guitars, overprocess signals and pile loops of sound to orchestrate an arching instrumental tale of creation and destruction. Weklar and Lail have been collaborating for over twenty years and were founding members of Upstate New York’s long-ago post-punk band, The Fauves. This release of Valentine includes cover and a trifold insert images by artist Tara Fracalossi and soundBarn images by Mark Lunt, Larissa Tapler and Lail.


TD41 Oddly Imploded – “Choke All Your Habits Before It’s Too Late”

From Italy comes this fantastic disc of guitar/drums explorations and explosive sound creation. Something started to implode in summer 2008 but it was initially restrained by other expressions - like Strongly Imploded - until autumn 2010, when it finally, miraculously, happened. Francesco Gregoretti, drums, and Maurizio Argenziano, guitar, hailing from Napoli, Italy, gave life to Oddly Imploded. They come from different projects, mainly One Starving Day and A Spirale, and now also form the core of the already successful Strongly Imploded and of the next to come Grizzly Imploded. A firestorm of impassioned music making that burns with energy, innovation, and hyperkinetic magic. Cover art by Kieron Cropper.


TD42 Thresholders II

The long-awaited second issue from Upstate NY-Texas collaborators Eric Hardiman and Derek Rogers. Continuing in the vein of their debut (also on Tape Drift), this disc finds the duo delving into new rhythmic zones while still building on core drones that equally mesmerize and fascinate with multiple layers and swirling dub-inspired tones. Tour-de-force opener “There is New Truth” suggests these two have spent a good many years listening obsessively to Dead C records, and who’s gonna argue with that as a pastime? As with their first disc, three long tracks are offered up. Proving the adage that geography is no barrier to creative collaboration, the Rogers-Hardiman axis has hit another one out of the park. Cover art by Nathaniel Brennan of Cruudeuces and the Ghetto Naturalist Series label.


TD43 Rambutan – “The Temple of Echo”

An hour’s worth of new Rambutan material. Tracks include a range of brand new explorers, left-field basement experiments, droned out dreamscapes from the archives, and a couple of items being rescued from obscurity on micro-releases from other labels. Somehow all the tracks have congealed together in a logical manner and these represent some of the personal favorites here at Rambutan HQ. Cover art by Nathaniel Brennan of Cruudeuces and the Ghetto Naturalist Series label.


Tape Drift is proud to announce its new batch of releases, a very special “trilogy” of discs. Our most cohesive and inspired batch to date, there’s a unifying element to these releases, both conceptually and sonically – a celebration of the guitar. In various ways, the three artists here demonstrate their unique connections to the instrument and share from their own deep wells of inspiration.

TD36 Fossils From the Sun "Forever Came Today"

An essential part of the ffts puzzle, this release shows yet another side to the multi-faceted body of work that Ray Hare (Century Plants, Burnt Hills, Twilight of the Century, etc) is carving out for us. The purity of intent, sharp focus, and mood are remarkable here as Ray delivers the goods on this stunning guitar-focused record. Hypnotic and haunting motifs fade in and out, the ghost of Spacemen 3 are summoned, feedback trails gently coaxed into existence, and the result is a deeply satisfying and addictive reminder of why the electric guitar remains a mainstay of modern music. This one harkens back to the Hare’s solo debut (TD06) in its relatively narrow palette – just electric guitar and effects. With his inimitable tone and sense of space, he takes the simplest of tools and uses them to sculpt incredibly gorgeous pieces of sound that will lodge in your memory. Cover collage art by Thomas Lail, with vellum inserts and inner photo by Mark Lunt.

Fossils From the Sun - Run On Confusion SOLD OUT.

TD37 Jefferson Pitcher "Now the Deer"

Long overdue for release, this sublime disc is perhaps the single most beautiful item in the TD catalog. Pitcher has a long history in music, playing with Christian Kiefer and many others over the years, but this is surely a landmark career high point. It’s certainly the kind of record others would dream about making, but never achieve. Aided with incredible subtlety and finesse by a handful of musicians (including Mike Bullock and Kiefer), Pitcher has created what can only be defined as a masterpiece. It’s that good. Inspired by a year spent living in Spain, this recording captures a magic that is both intangible and joyous in its beauty. Guitar is the central focus, but his partners lend so much to the overall sound and communicate so well that it feels like they’ve been playing together for decades. Never busy, Pitcher leaves room for every note to breathe, and weaves each unique thread in the record together as only a master can do. Words fail when trying to describe music this powerful. Each disc is housed in a heavy brown paper inside a vellum envelope and has a unique photograph taken by Pitcher while in Spain.

Jefferson Pitcher - The Invisibility of Animals


TD38 Harold Biffen "The Wormhole and the Hymn"

After thirty years of guitar and nearly as many as an improviser, Harold Biffen releases his first-ever recording, a collection of fully realized steel string pieces that straddle the boundary between improvisation and composition. Whether drawing on his classical training or years spent with abstract electronics, Biffen uses the bare physicality of the guitar, his two hands, and a pick to create unstable harmonic structures that cluster, morph, collapse, and reassemble again—though with a lyricism and rhythmic vitality that will drop as many jaws as it does raise eyebrows. There are no preparations, effects, or standard cliches here, just formally inventive constructions that range from the gorgeously elegiac to the mischievous to the austere and back again. At times tender, brash, soaring, and proudly lo-fi, The Wormhole and the Hymn signals the arrival of a major new voice in the cosmos of post-everything guitar.


Locrian / Century Plants - "Dissolvers" LP

Tape Drift’s first excursion into vinyl presents this massive split LP from two duos, one from Chicago, one upstate New York. These groups have been honing their unique and personal brands of sound for years, and both approach the task in similar ways, drawing equally from noise, drone, psych, kraut, minimalism, and metal influences. Each band offers up their best recorded work yet here, raising the stakes another huge notch. The Locrian side demonstrates their phenomenal range, and beautifully adds to their well established oeuvre with new and complex elements. Century Plants make their first appearance on wax, and show how far they’ve progressed in a few short years, bringing two subtly dark tracks that build in intensity. A slow burner, this LP is the rare split that sounds like a unified whole, and the pairing makes perfect sense. Intense building waves of sound, dense drones, feedback, power electronics, noise, psychedelic guitars, swirling synths and vox are all in the mix in ways only these two bands could pull off. A dark, dense, and ominous record, Dissolvers is also deeply cloaked in mystery and spaciousness. Mastered by James Plotkin for maximum heavy spectral sound, this is a must own record for noise, drone, psych, and metal heads alike. With design by Terence Hannum of Locrian, and art by Scott Treleaven, the LP is packaged in a black jacket with silkscreened silver leaf ink, and a special double-sided color insert.

email hardiman04 @ for international rates.

(TD34) Inhibitionists - "Lithium Salt Mines" cdr

Solo project from Christian Kann, from Copenhagen, and brains behind the amazing Beard of Snails record label. Ostensibly a "noise" record, this is so much more. It's simply a phenomenal collection of tracks that cohere and make aural sense in a way that most music never will. Every sound is perfectly placed, the timing is impeccable, and the music consistently inspires. Somehow Christian has managed to create a set of mysterious sounds that balance multiple worlds and serve as a lightning rod to the cosmos. Easily one of the best and most welcoming noise records we've heard, but it sacrifices absolutely nothing for its accessibility. Next level indeed.


(TD35) Millions - "Goldmouth" C30

(TD28) Lee Noble - "Infinity Bore" C45


Dave Suss, from NYC, delivers the goods on this tape, using minimalist means to construct two towering sides of stunningly heavy drone. Majestic and beautiful in scope, these are reminiscent of the best of Campbell Kneale's BCM work, and astound with their multiple layers and levels of nuance. Suss is a master of his trade, and time suspends itself over and over again while his tapes are in the deck. Blurry and noisy soundscapes that traffic in razor sharp detail. This is his best yet, and it's a massive winner.


(TD27) Jeremy Kelly - "Facing Space" C52

Hudson New York’s resident musical genius and all around amazing fellow Jeremy Kelly graces us with a stunning journey through fields of sonic debris like nothing you’ve heard before. Jeremy displays pure mastery here, playing all sorts of instruments and homemade electronics. Deftly navigating elements of noise, black metal, folk, rock, and musique concrete among others, Jeremy delivers a serious and flowing work that truly defies any attempt to pigeonhole. The narrative thread through all of it is his pure delight in sound and the incredibly palpable skill he brings to every moment. The inimitable M. Geddes Gengras helps out on synth too, always a welcome visitor. Heavy and deep in all the right ways and sure to bring hours of delight to your cranium.

(TD29) Family Treasures - Altars of Ashes" C45

Following recent tapes on Existential Cloth Recordings and Bathetic, LA’s Lee Noble offers up his insanely addictive brand of analog synth driven beauty. We were hooked instantly upon hearing this record, and it’s only gotten better upon excessive repeats. Noble approaches his music with pure focus and intensity, yet always suffuses things with a light touch and a sense of wonder. Never opting for showy gimmicks, he uses minimal means to weave his deeply textured magic. This one is heavy and loud in spots, drone-filled in others, and heartbreakingly melodic too. Noble has a patience, sensitivity and compositional prowess that is rare in this sort of music, and his pieces will stick in your head with a magical staying power. Truly a masterpiece.


(TD31) Cruudeuces - "Exile Digs" C30


Having witnessed Danny Moore absolutely mesmerize a roomful of listeners at Amherst College this Fall with a virtuoso display on modular synth and bowed lap steel guitar, we knew the power in this project. A single piece in two parts, this is a sustained conversation between Connecticut’s Danny Moore on analog synth and guitar, and his guest on this tape, Jeffrey Shurdut on alto sax. Together these two tap directly into the cosmos, zapping brainwaves like there was no tomorrow. There’s a refreshing lack of cliché here, and Moore and Shurdut emphasize the spacious and atmospheric as much as the fiery outbursts that might be expected. Sun Ra said it best, and it applies perfectly here - “cosmic tones for mental therapy”. Mastered by Steve Flato. Art by Kieran Cropper.

From Western Mass comes Nathaniel Brennan’s cruudeuces project. We’ve known Brennan for awhile, loved his highly limited self-released tapes, and been floored by his live sets. All the murky and mysterious beauty that he’s come to be known for is on ample display here, as Brennan offers two incredible sidelong communications from his inner zones. There’s really no apt comparison to this music, but trust us – it’s heavy, gritty, hypnotic, organic and meditative all at the same time. This is his finest moment (yet), and it’s a huge special honor for us at Tape Drift to be able to release this. Electronics, tapes, vox, clarinets and other reeds are all in his arsenal, but cruudeuces makes you forget the what and how, just reveling in the sheer majesty of the sound world he creates. Art by Kieron Cropper.


(TD32) Book of Shadows - "Twelve Degree Chandelier" cdr

TD 22 thenumber46 - “bleach and ammonia” C52

Yet another chapter from the Texas branch of Tape Drift artists, this is a long in the works disc from the singular mystery troupe Book of Shadows (featuring ST37 founder Carlton Crutcher). Probably the most outright melodic and pretty release on the label yet, this is a fully-formed and compelling record that shimmers with a magic sound all its own. There’s a sense of soft fragility at work, with deep echoes of krautrock past and newer exploratory sounds melding together seamlessly. Female vox nestle up against dark synth drones and forlorn psychedelic guitars in ways that bring to mind Charalambides and other masters of the mystic. An incredibly rich and beautiful collection of music. Art by Kieron Cropper.



After being blown away by Padna releases on the Stunned label this past year, we had no choice but to get in touch with Nat Hawks and beg for a Tape Drift release. Nat was more than happy to offer up this amazing project, part of a series of performance pieces in which he uses intentionally scratched cds as the primary sound source. The trademark Padna attention to detail is on sharp display, and like everything else he’s done, the end result is personal, warm, and immediate. Sound floats in and out of the airspace, glitches and skips become musical phrases, and before long you’ll begin to discover the internal logic of this new language. Hawks has a direct line to some cosmic source, and this masterful composition will allow you to tap in to its power. We’re mighty proud to be releasing this one. Includes liner note insert by Padna. SOLD OUT.

(TD 21) M. Geddes Gengras - "Aural Mimesis" C60. You may know him as half of the Antique Brothers, a quarter of Pocahaunted, or a third of Robedoor, but however you slice things up, they're always better when Ged's involved. Following great releases on Stunned and Digitalis, this tape is the heaviest and most fully realized piece of music Ged has made yet. Topping all expectations by a few thousand miles, We have yet to hear a better record this year. Ged works an alchemical magic here, using modular synth and more traditional instruments to carry us to dizzying new levels of bliss. Undeniably heavy and dark, but also subtle, melodic, and sonically rich. Two complex 30-minute pieces designed for maximum hypnosis that will have you addicted in no time flat. Essential in every sense. Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on purple cassettes.

March 09 recordings from this phenomenal and mysterious Texas group with the ability to hypnotize listeners and create a swirling vortex of magical sound. Occupying some nether territory between collective improv, grainy atmosphere building, and structured chaos, Zanzibar Snails follow in the tradition of the great Texas psych dreamers in their quest for exploration. Vitiligo is the disease than turns the black man white (the most famous case being the macabre Michael Jackson), and the word accentuates the close relationship between darkness and light, luminescence and void, order and entropy. The first Zanzibar full-length to feature vocalist/sound sculptress Sarah Alexander. Amazing silkscreened gatefold sleeves (designed and screened by Nevada Hill) in stamped vellum envelopes.


TD26 Thresholders – “Protective Instincts” cdr

Noise, drone, psych, pop, doom, and lo-fi crunch collide in this first collaborative effort between Derek Rogers and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan, Century Plants, Burnt Hills). After releasing a searing split tape on the always excellent Existential Cloth Recordings, new frontiers of sonic strategies and challenges laid the framework for this successful long-distance collaboration. Layered sounds that build and decay, walls of dissonance, and waves of texture crash against each other only to collapse under their own weight: forty-five minutes of heavy and intensely zoned-out sounds. Expect 2010 to be the year Thresholders storm the barn and burn it to the ground.


TD 30 Padna – “There are so many fish in heaven, Pt. IV” cdr

Fearlessly exploring new worlds of sound, thenumber46 push and coax feedback systems, physically and psychologically, into ultimate audible terrains, extracting sonic extremes from their instruments and themselves. Consisting of Suzanne Thorpe on flute and electronics and Philip White on electronic feedback, the duo improvise on the precipice of unpredictable sounds, exploiting the volatile and explosive in their music. Thorpe was a founding member of Mercury Rev, plays in The Wounded Knees, and can be heard from time-to-time with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., all three of whom she played with at 2009's ATP in England. White’s performances center on a non-linear feedback system with mixer and several homemade circuits. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed yellow cassettes.


TD24 Zanzibar Snails – “Vitiligo” cdr

(TD 23) Andreas Brandal - "Jernvognen" cdr. Established sound artist and drone/noise musician Andreas Brandal graces us with this release from deep in the heart of Norway. Dark and ominous, with deep doom-laden bass tones, powerful drones, and beautiful hints of noise lurking in every corner. Inspired by an old Norwegian crime/ghost story (translated to the "The Iron Wagon"), Brandal's command here is staggering, displaying a control over each sound, and wrapping it all up with an organic feel and sustained attention to compositional dynamics throughout. The immersive sounds are at turns soothing, frightening and probing, suggesting a journey into the abyss, but guided by the confident hands of a sheer master. SOLD OUT.

(TD17) Fossils From the Sun/Rambutan - "Vertical" split C30Two different solo sides of the Century Plants puzzle, split across the sides of one joyous tape. Eric Hardiman (Rambutan) and Ray Hare (Fossils From the Sun) take divergent paths here toward the goal of maximum zen brain warp. Drones, tones, blasts of noise, and radio interference from external zones all play a role here, and the end result should verticalize your head just fine. This one is on endless loop in another world we all oughtta visit. SOLD OUT.


(TD 25) Hunting Rituals / Rambutan - "Spirit Wok" split cdr. Canada meets the US in this split pairing from Ontario's Scott Cloud (Hunting Rituals) and upstate New York's Eric Hardiman (Rambutan). Hunting Rituals have demonstrated over the last few years a creative and aesthetic consistency near unmatched in the underground noise/psych/diy scene. Each release Cloud drops into the aether is a gift from some warped and beautiful planet outside of our solar system, and the HR track here is a prime example. Rambutan follows up on recent releases on Digitalis and Stunned with 3 tracks inspired by Cloud's example. Taken together as one dose of aural medicine, the two sides of this split add up to a massive, spacious, and blurry juggernaut of sound that will both heal and transport.

(TD20) The Old Rig - "Space Crawl" cdrDuo action from Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) and Patrick Singleton. Representing the deep south (Tennessee), these two could easily be crawling aliens sending us transmissions from a distant spaced out planet. The sonic message they've sent here is awesome in every way. Heavy, industrial grind mixed with hypnotic loops and lurching rhythms, all delivered with a sense of timing and patience that is excellent. SOLD OUT.

(TD19) Chapels - "Shadows" C30Fantastic and utterly inimitable creeper style madness from Adam Richards, king of the House of Alchemy label, and best dude ever. We have no idea where he coaxes these sounds from or what he's doing, but this is a magical tape. Restrained, dark, powerful, ghostly and all-knowing, it's near impossible to deny the mastery that Richards has on display here. The roll call of amazing Chapels releases this year is massive, and this one can sit comfortably high atop the pack. You won't be able to describe this music or pigeonhole it, but that's exactly the way we like it. Essential now sounds. SOLD OUT.

(TD18) Derek Rogers - "Petit Chapeau" C30

Bursting out of Austin TX with more zoned out guitar action than that town can possibly hold, Derek's got the touch of gold with his axe. He's put out a slew of fantastic tapes recently on labels far and wide, and here he offers a glimpse into what makes his work so unique. Cavernous solo guitar that obliterates categories and defies the logic of time. Trippy, hypnotic and ambient at times, scorching and searching at others. A mighty compelling tape that has easily become a personal fave of 2009 here in Tape Drift land. SOLD OUT.

6Magik9 - "Solid Space" cdr (TD14) A lovely, meandering psychedelic record from mysterious Aussie collective headed by Michael Donnelly of the Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Grounded in the blues, but as filtered through a totally weirded out shamanistic sensibility, this one is a grower and a keeper. If you allow yourself into its world, it will work a magical sort of hypnotism, and unlock multiple secrets of the universe.


Simon Wickham-Smith - "A Seventh Persimmon" cdr (TD12) Words are tough when it comes to describing music this astoundingly beautiful. A leading figure in the worldwide experimental music community since the early 90s, Simon Wickham-Smith adds to his sizable body of work with this masterpiece. Three tracks clocking in at almost 60 minutes, Simon’s new work is the result of years spent honing his craft. His influences are drawn from sources far and wide, but the music that results is uniquely his own. Transcending genre altogether but most clearly informed by minimalism, this release is hypnotic, mysterious, and gorgeous. If you’ve followed the arc of his career, you’ll be pleased to see how mature and powerfully focused his musical vision has become. If you’re new to his world, it’s an excellent introduction. To say that it’s an honor for us to be releasing his music would be a massive understatement. A true classic.

Our Love Will Destroy the World - "Broken Spine Fantasia" C30 (TD16) Following an initial LP and a few singles on other labels, we present two thrilling live sides documenting recent shows in Australia and New Zealand from Campbell Kneale's new project post-Birchville Cat Motel. Kneale's been a massive personal favorite here at Tape Drift since he first hit the scene in 1997. Reborn in this new guise, he's taking no prisoners and leaving audiences stunned by the majestic power of his noisy epics. It's hard to imagine Campbell topping the peaks of his vast BCM catalog, but these two tracks are a dream come true and suggest he may just have done it. Massively brutal sound here - perhaps one of his noisiest yet, but of course it's got all the hidden melodic elements and attention to detail that you've come to know and love. A psychedelic noise master work that works amazingly well with the oxide of tape. SOLD OUT.

Enfer Boreal - "The Way of the Masks" cdr (TD15)

Following releases on Ikuisuus, Cut Hands, and Housecraft, France's Maxime Primault provides a massive headlong dive into the deep psych-laden abyss here. Patient ambient sounds, foreboding static drones, seismic sonic shifts, blasts of feedback, haunting melodic passages, and warped electronics all make appearances, tied together with care. When played loud, maximum escape velocity is reached in no time at all. His best work yet. SOLD OUT.

Magnetic North Duo - "Static Fields Forever" cdr (TD11) Debut release from Norwegian unit comprised of Sindre Bjerga on bass, electronics, tapes, and Nils Rostad on guitar. A zoned and droned out blast of a journey into other worlds yet unexplored. True mastery over sound is the goal here and these two have a stellar set of techniques helping them rise to the challenge. A mesmerizing and very rich sounding sculpture of auditory bliss. From a live set recorded in Norway, this is a project we are incredibly proud to be releasing. SOLD OUT.

Ophibre/Katchmare - "Divided Transmissions" C40 (TD13) A perfectly matched split tape. First side is Ophibre from Boston. Usually known for his buzzing drone masterpieces, this one delves more into the electroacoustic vein, and finds rich treasures there. A live performance entitled "rowboat for laptop", it's a very very compelling listen, accumulating power as it goes along to its final conclusion. Second side is Katchmare, solo project of Nick Hoffman from Normal, Illinois. Anything but normal, this is a beautiful set of ghostly tones, haunted space, and electroacoustic invention. Very minimal yet very addictive. SOLD OUT.

Century Plants - "Circular Spaces, Vol. 1" cdr (TD10) The tenth release on Tape Drift brings us back to the first, with a brand new offering from Century Plants. The first in a multiple volume series, “Circular Spaces, Vol. 1” finds Hardiman and hare in particularly fine form, showing how far they’ve come since their debut. This one splits the difference between their melodic and noisy extremes, with two beautifully intense guitar workouts and a long excursion into the depths of sonic abstraction unlike anything else they’ve committed to tape yet. SOLD OUT.

Rambutan - "Rusted Prayers Converge" cdr(TD09) CDR Debut solo release from Eric Hardiman of Century Plants and Burnt Hills. From ghostly noisescapes to swirling organic drone plateaus to pure guitar improvisations, Hardiman floats in and out of various sound worlds on this one, yet always ties things together with a thoughtful and compelling sonic thread. Four tracks recorded basement style deep in the night, and it shows. Dig in, yet another surprise from the Century Plants camp. SOLD OUT.

Sunburned Hand of the Man - "Acid-X" C38(TD08) “Acid-X’ captures the mighty Sunburned in transplendent full live show format from a very special night in Saar Louis Germany in August 2008. Killer lineup featuring Moloney, O’Shea, Schneiderman, LaBrecque, and Thomas. This tape displays Sunburned at the height of their collective powers, magically conjuring clouds of spaced out, hypnotic beauty, leading us through cathartic workouts, and finally building to a kraut-inspired jam of epic proportions. Easily one of their best yet, and you know that’s saying something. SOLD OUT.

Stone Baby - "Vir Heroicus Subliminus" C40(TD07) The first Tape Drift appearance by Rochester NY-based Stone Baby, and we hope it won’t be the last. We’d seen em live and knew what to expect, but this exceeded all hopes by a long shot. This is perhaps Stone Baby’s heaviest exploration yet, with dense pillows of crystalline sound morphing into quasi-melodic motifs only to be obliterated by the next hypnotic swirl of noise. Like the best records, this one has both conceptual and sonic continuity and hangs together like a perfect work of art. Somehow this duo have honed their skills so well that sculpting a masterpiece such as this seems like second nature. Let’s just be thankful we can all benefit. Tapes come in special cloth-covered boxes, wrapped in audiotape and designed by Cory E. Card. SOLD OUT.

Fossils From the Sun - "From Another Sun" cdr (TD06) Monster solo debut from Ray Hare of Century Plants andBurnt Hills. Ranging from meditative guitar mantras to blissed out noise to hazy melodic riffage, and covering most of the points in between, this release has fast become a favorite here at Tape Drift headquarters. A very tight and driven set, this has the conceptual purity that only a debut can have, as it represents years and years of preparation and inspiration. Get on the train early - there's much more to come and you won't want tohave missed out on the beginnings. SOLD OUT. Burnt Soil - s/t cdr (TD05) Burnt Hills meets Soil Sing Through Me for a ravaging psych blowout. Features members of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Aethr Myth'd, Century Plants, Feathers, Wovoka, and more! Hot thick summer air pervades this one, it's an absolutely RAW and ripping 62 minute joyride. A battalion of blazing psych guitars chasing each others' tails, pounding tribal drums, hypnotic bass grooves, a twinkling xylophone, beautifully twisted vocals, and even some magic oboe work from our Danish pal Troels make this a very unique document. Meetings this intense don't happen often, and there's a reason! SOLD OUT.

Slow Listener - "Desolation Sound" cdr (TD04) Following amazing releases on labels all over the globe (Ruralfaune, Peasant Magik, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) comes another masterpiece from the genius mind of Robin Dickinson, out of Brighton, UK. A hymn to pure sonic beauty, this release is unparalleled in its focus and singular nature. Self-described as his "heaviest work yet", the sounds herein are simply gorgeous in their ability to transport to other planetary realms. Under thick layers of fractal tones, distorted hues, and sonic grime lays the beautiful melodic framework that undergirds all of Slow Listener's material. SOLD OUT.

Burnt Hills "Cloud Nine" cdr (TD03) The latest missive from our intrepid heroes from the wilds of Albany, NY. Easily their loudest and most PURE assault on the senses yet. Wild, wooly, and singular-minded in its pursuit of psychedelic Krautrock-inspired oblivion. We can't say it any better than the good folks at Aquarius: "Another glorious blast of blown out bong smoke free rock dope jams the way only these Burnt Hills cats can do it... Burnt Hills, on this particular evening in May of 2007 consisted of NINE members, seven guitars, five drummers, one bass, folks obviously swapping back and forth, and it sounds like it. A super fluid, chaotic confluence of sound. Like some lost subterranean Crash Worship Drum jam wrapped in thick sheets of Haino-like guitar skree, everything enveloped in thick clouds of smoky FX, like some musical opium den. The bass and the guitars are thick and slippery, swooping amidst the relentless percussion, and the wild squalls of psychedelic freakout. At times it almost sounds like some DJ rocking multiple turntables, playing several different No Neck and Sunburned Hand records as the same time, a blurry, drugged out free folk tribal mash up... Awesome." Boa Melody Bar says "Bruising 4 drummer / 7 guitars outsider rock that prowls with malevolent intent and gathering hurricane-like intensity." Volcanic Tongue says "Heavy Dead C/Trapdoor feel to the latest album by this cultic American guitar army". Read more full reviews of this essential slab on Auxiliary Out and Foxy Digitalis. SOLD OUT.

(VxPxC) "Lizard in the Spring" cdr (TD02) Representing the west coast contingent here on Tape Drift, (VxPxC) set the standard for beautiful and varied improv psychedelia. This one's a stunner - a stoned, hazy bliss of sound that wraps the listener up in its soundworld and then zooms right in for total mind-melt. Los Angeles has never sounded murkier and more mysterious than this and we love it. Perfect for the start of summer. Noiseweek says "...these songs tend to creep up on you. They're patient and even relaxed on the surface, but burning and grinding down below, with an impressively pointed aggression that really digs into your cranium like a bug laying eggs in your ear while you sleep...(VxPxC) constructs a vertigo-inducing stretch of aural imbalance and disorientation that must be what nausea would sound like if it felt good." Read the full reviews on Noiseweek and Auxiliary Out. SOLD OUT.

Century Plants "Sound System Sound" cdr TD01) A massive set of windswept noise, hidden melodies, amp rumble, scraping, and utterly beautiful droned out bliss. Starts off spooky and sparse and by the end of the journey, it's a full-blown noise/dronefest full of ecstatic freedom. Featuring a duo lineup with a pedigree ranging from the current psychedelic guitar mangling of Burnt Hills all the way back to first wave harDCore. Boa Melody Bar says "Two long improvised visceral guitar pieces, full of amp noise and stinging distortion." Hawaiian Winter says "an hour long onslaught of distorted guitar that starts with a bluesy tinge and continues on with a plethora of musical ideas that seem to appear and disappear through a thick haze of distortion and fuzz that pays as much tribute to the elemental as to the industrial. The music contained herein contains both fuzz-drenched melodic improvisation and blistering atonal squall, blending themselves to create a musical behemoth that is both intimidating and accessible..." Read full-length reviews on Foxy Digitalis and Auxiliary Out. SOLD OUT.