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Obsidian Knives
Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed when lava cools rapidly after hitting water. It has a variable chemical make up depending on what minerals or metals were mixed in with it as it formed, the metals create a variety of sheens and colours. Obsidian is not natural to Britain but can be found in Italy & France. Most famously it was used by the Aztecs in the swords they fought the Spanish conquistadors with. It is also the sharpest substance on earth being reducible to a single atom and scalpels for eye surgery are made of it.

Varieties include Rainbow Obsidian: where the metals within it give a rainbow coloured sheen in certain lights. Snowflake Obsidian where small white flakes (Spherulites) of Cristobalite have formed and give a snowflake appearance. Brown, Mahogany, Tiger Stripe, Midnight Lace are kinds of obsidian where iron has been mixed in with the glass creating varius reddish brown patterns. 

Otzi the Iceman Style Knives
When the body of a 5000 year old Neolithic man was found in the Alps he was carrying a knife with him, these are reproductions of this style of knife. The knives are made of a split wooden handle with a flint blade inserted, the handle is sealed with a sinew tie at the top end and a vegetable fibre strap at the rear.

English Flint Knives are made from deep quarried flint from Norfolk

Mayan Flint Knives 
are made from the actual flint the Mayans mined in Belize and their artefacts in museums are made from

Dacite is a rock formed in a volcanic lava flow alongside obsidian though chemically it is very different, appearance & feelwise it is very similar to flint but has a beautiful satin finish. 

Mookite is a rare type of Jasper only found in Australia

Novaculite is a unique rock found only in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma in the USA