Flint Knapping Tools
Prehistorics is currently the only maker & supplier of a comprehensive range of flint knapping tools in the UK.

Flint Knapping Kits

Basic Knapping Kit
Pressure Flaker
Standard Copper Bopper
Leg Protector / Bag
Silicon Carbide Abrader
Leather Hand Pad
Knapping Kit
Pressure Flaker
Leg Protector / Bag
Fine, Standard & Heavy
Copper Boppers
Leather Hand Pad
Silicon Carbide Abrader
Master Knapper's Kit
Pressure Flaker + 2 Refills 
Notcher + 2 Refills
Leg Protector / Bag
Fine, Standard & Heavy
Copper Boppers
Leather Hand Pad
Channelled Rubber Pad
Silicon Carbide Abrade

Copper Boppers
The tool that revolutionised knapping, cheaper, more durable & easier to use than antler. 

Copper Boppers come in four sizes, the standard 28mm for general use, a 22mm for fine detail and a heavy 35mm for working larger pieces. A 42mm Elephant Gun Bopper for jobs when sane boppers just won't do

Bopper Set contains 1 Heavy, 1 Standard and 1 Fine.

Large Bopper Set contains 1 Elephant, 1 Heavy, 1 Standard and 1 Fine.

Copper Bopper
Copper Bopper

Pressure Flakers
Pressure Flakers are 16.5cm long all purpose tools for creating platforms, notching and removing flakes, they come complete with an Allen key and a 120mm copper wire. 

Ishi Sticks are similar to pressure flakers only 45cm long for extra leverage and used by knappers to drive off long flakes. They come complete with an Allen key and a 120mm copper wire. 

Notchers are 14cm long flakers fitted with special soft steel nails for easy notching, they come complete with an Allen key and an 80mm soft steel nail.

Refills come in two kinds, 6mm copper wires 120mm long which fit Pressure Flakers & Ishi Sticks, and 80mm soft steel nails for Notchers.

Arrowhead Making Kit contains, a Pressure Flaker, a Notcher, a Leather Hand Pad, a Silicon Carbide Abrader and 2 Allen Keys

Pressure Flaker






Hand Pads
Traditional Leather Pads 6-8mm thick and made of high quality tanned leather to provide the best protection around, they are over 100mm long and 50mm wide.

Modern Rubber Channelled Pads allow longer flakes to be removed by letting the shock wave travel the full length of the flake unimpeded.


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