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Håkon Tretvoll
Statistics Norway
Akersveien 26
0177 Oslo, Norway
Tlf: 952 77 259



  • Real Exchange Rate Variability in a Two-Country Business Cycle Model (pdf)
    Review of Economic Dynamics 
    Online appendix (pdf) - Code (zip) - Data (xlsx)

  Working papers

  • International Correlations and the Composition of Trade (SSRN)
    Online appendix (pdf)

  • Trade in Commodities and Emerging Market Business Cycles (SSRN) (with David Kohn and Fernando Leibovici)

  • Resolving the Consumption-Real Exchange Rate Anomaly with Recursive Preferences (pdf)

  • Home-bias in Consumption and Equities: Can Trade Costs Jointly Explain Both? (pdf)

  Other writing