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  • iPad App for creating slide presentations
  • Presentations are visually focused
  • Photos for use are Creative Commons
  • Photos and images can be uploaded
  • Created presentations can be downloaded
  • Presentations can be viewed on the Web
  • Presentations can be embedded in blogs and websites
  • Website creation version is in beta stage
  • Slide format that promotes oral communication and engagement during presentation to explain the visuals and key words on slides

To download the app to your iPad or to visit the site, go to If you don't have an iPad or even if you do, and you're interested in the website version to try in the beta version, you can find a link at the website to request an invite for the beta version of the tool. 

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Haiku Deck Explaining Why Visuals Matter

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

  • Strong focus on visual
  • Many uses across the curriculum
  • Easy for teachers and students to use
  • Promotes creativity and logical thinking
  • Stimulating way to Introduce unit of study
  • Easy way to review unit of study
  • Quick, thoughtful way to review concepts
  • Free resource
  • Fun and engaging tool

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Haiku Deck Features 

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