Immigrant Roots

a virtual museum

by Gina Giuliano

All eight Giuliano brothers and sisters: From top left: Lenny (in tree), Clara, Ines, Dina, Ital, Joe. Bottom row: Jean, Dino (my father) in ~1933


Pierina and Ignazio Giuliano (my paternal grandparents) with Clara, Ital and Joe in ~1918

1920 Philadelphia census - Ignazio, Pierina, Clara, Peppino, Italia and Ines Giuliano are lines 30-35

Passenger Manifest for SS America

unlabeled photo, assume it is Pierina Ippoliti Giuliano (my paternal grandmother)

Ignazio Giuliano's 1918 Registration Card and Registrar's Report (my paternal grandfather)

Dino (my father) and Lenny Giuliano during WWII

Related Publication: Christmas Paper

A family tree prepared for Lenny's grandson during a visit to Italy

Ignazio & Pierina Giuliano's grave marker in NYC

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in 1997

Giuliano first cousins in 1997: children of Clara, Joe, Ital, Dino and Jean