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Published Works

Rudy The Poster Pup (2015, in Great Dogs of Albany, Times Union)

A Visit with Mimmie: Catskill Mountain Recipes (2013, Gully Brook Press)

Kindle version of above publication

It's A Wonder We Didn't Get Drownded (2010, Kaatskill Life)

Christmas Paper (2006, The Daily Freeman)

Education: Reflecting Our Society? (2002, 2004, 2006, Thomson-Gale)

Sirius (2002, NYC Port Authority)

West Shokan: Eden of the Catskills by Elwyn Davis (1930) 1998 reprint
not available - ask me

West Shokan: Eden of the Catskills is a charming old booklet, written in 1930 by Elwyn Davis for the Ladies Aid Society of the Olive-Shokan Baptist Church, and published at that time by Ahrens Press. This edition is a reprint, created in 1998 by Gina Giuliano.

"Squire" Elwyn Davis (1890-1976) was a self-educated gentleman who had a lifelong interest in local history, and for many years he covered West Shokan events in a newspaper column.

Gina Giuliano has a Ph.D. in education and a Master of Public Administration degree, but her bachelor's degree is in U.S. History, a discipline that is her passion and one focus of her research, writing and volunteering. Dr. Giuliano's work has been published in The Roswell Literary Review, Kaatskill Life, The Daily Freeman and her book Education: Reflecting Our Times, was published by Gale Group.