I am a Postdoctoral Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. Currently I am also part of the Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (FRG), and I am co-organizing the cycle of seminars ''Integrable systems and random matrix theory''.

Before coming to Michigan, I defended my Ph.D. in mathematics at KU Leuven (Belgium), in April 2016, where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Arno Kuijlaars.

You can find my CV here (last update: August 2018).

My current research goal is to understand asymptotics of special functions (such as orthogonal polynomials and their cousins) in various regimes, and how they can give us insights into certain integrable systems. I am particularly interested in the asymptotic analysis of random matrix models, both at the macroscopic and microscopic scales.

More precisely, so far I have worked on the underlying potential theory of orthogonal polynomials arising in the hermitian matrix model (also with external source) and in the normal matrix model.

A summary of my main topics of interest (which is for sure way larger than my current research) is

    • Orthogonal polynomials and special functions
    • Potential theory
    • Approximation theory with geometric function theory flavor
    • Integrable models, with special emphasis on random matrix models
    • Statistical mechanics

You can reach me at:

University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics

East Hall 1846

530 Church Street

48109 - Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Phone: +1 734 936 4824

email: silvag(you know what)umich.edu