Forthcoming Events

Mæsse will be celebrated according to the ancient rite of St Gregory (the closest to the mæsse celebrated by the Englisc) by Father Thomas Cook at the church of St Mary the Virgin at Isleworth, Middlesex at 11am on the following days. 

Sunday 12 Nov (iij Kal Nov, Halig Æþelnoþes se Godes mæssedæg, Cantwarabyrig Ercebiscopes by the English Calendar)

3 December 2017 (xij Kal Dec, Halig Eadmundes Mæssedæg by the Englisc Calendar)

Pilgrimage to the Church of St Andrew at Greensted-juxta-Ongar, Essex, where St Eadmund's body rested on its return to Bury from London in 1013.

St Andrew's church at Greensted is the oldest wooden ecclesiastical building in the world to have survived in continuous use and is unique. Father Thomas has received permission to say mæsse in the church, which will now take place at 12.30am. Please contact Father Thomas for further information if you intend to come.

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