After Orcadia

After Orcadia is a collaboration with Rebecca Marr, and marks a return to a book that appeared just before we all had our boundaries redrawn. Published near the end of 2019, Orcadia tracked how Orcadians six thousand years ago made sense of the local and wider worlds in which they found themselves. In particular, it explored their relation to land and sea, and to the stone that gives the region its shape. Orcadia was the first time that the two of us had worked together. It was a rewarding process, our walks out with the camera an unbounded conversation as we tried to make sense of a fragmented Neolithic record. The conversations have continued. Three years down the line, we’ve found ourselves revisiting photographs and finding new connections. Looked at from a different vantage, the images have also prompted a return to the original text, using it as a quarry from which to draw concise poetic responses.

After Orcadia is a kind of second order excavation. A narrative made from fragments of fragments.

Limited edition

Hardback. 80pp. Printed on Fedrigoni Arena Rough Natural - 140 gsm