Grinder Writing

It's been almost a quarter-century now since I first began to write. My ongoing love affair with the written word has been as deep as Barrett and Browning's, as destructive as Hughes and Plath's, and as fertile as Jon and Kate's. But thankfully my writing has been more than just oblique cultural references and contrived similes - it's been voyage of enchantment and discovery, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

This online portfolio is a showcase of my work, skills and related experience as a writer. I've deliberately chosen to keep it simple and uncluttered - no fancy animations, stunning graphic design or any other gimmicks. Razzle-dazzle isn't really my style. It's just me and my writing.

I've organized my portfolio to best reflect the breadth of work I've done (and continue to do) over the course of my writing career. My Biography and Resume page contains brief summaries of all the highlights.

You'll find all of my copy and content writing work on the Commercial Writing page. There are samples of press releases, newsletters, and marketing materials (brochures, posters, postcards, etc) that I've accumulated over the years from promoting my company. I kept a company blog for much of that time, so I've included links to some of my most memorable and best-loved postings.

On the Plays page you'll find descriptions of every play I've ever written, as well as links to my online storefront, where you can buy a paper or digital copy of any one of my works. If you would like to produce one of my plays you can request the performance rights from this page as well.

I’ve also written a couple of Technical Theatre Books that you may find helpful if you are an up-and-coming theatre technician or independent producer.



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