My research interest is investigating information transmission and political decision-making, particularly about media reporting strategies in both autocracies and democracies, from approaches including game theory and quantitative methods.


Media with Reputational Concerns: Yes Men or Watchdogs? (published in Political Science Research and Methods 9.2 (2021): 345-364)

Voluntary Adoption of Social Welfare-enhancing Behavior: Mask-wearing in Spain during the COVID-19 Outbreak (with Joan Barcelo; published in PLoS ONE 15.12 (2020): e0242764)

Power-Sharing and Media Freedom under Dictatorships (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; forthcoming in Political Communication)

Citizen Journalism and Credibility of Authoritarian Government in Risk Communication Regarding the 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak: A Survey Experiment (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; NYUAD Division of Social Science Working Paper No. 0040; published in PLoS ONE 16.12 (2021): e0260961)

Current Research

--Information Problem in Authoritarian Regimes

Tell Me the Truth? Dictatorship and the Commitment to Media Freedom (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; under review)

Vague Red Line and Self-censorship: Theory and Experiment (with Rebecca B. Morton, Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu)

Leaders and Their Specialized Associates: Information Problem in Small Group Decision-Making

Manipulating Economic News in Authoritarian Regime: A Quasi-experiment (with Wei-Hao Huang and Hsuan-Yu Lin)

--Information Problem in Democratic Regimes

Tradable Reputation and Media Selection

Partisan Incumbency Disadvantage: A Revised Empirical Strategy to Identify It (with Selina Hofstetter; under review)

Why Do Popular Incumbents Not Welcome High Media Precision? (with Myunghoon Kang; under review)

--East Asian Politics and others

WHO Approves? The WHO's Credibility and China's COVID-19 Vaccines (with Hans H. Tung, Chien-Huei Wu and Wen-Chin Wu; invited to revise and resubmit at the Review of International Organizations)

Information, Misinformation, and Health-Preventive Behavior (with Joan Barcelo)

Nationalism and Party Vote Choice in the New Democracy: The Case of Taiwan (with Fang-Yu Chen and Yuan Hsiao; winner of S.C. Lee Best Paper Award, Michigan State University)

Whodunit and Whydunit?: Analyzing Taiwanese Legislators' Roll-Call Voting Behavior (with Wei-Hao Huang)