My research interest is investigating information transmission and political decision-making, particularly about media reporting strategies in both autocracies and democracies, from approaches including game theory and quantitative methods.

Working papers (Manuscripts available upon request)

Tell Me the Truth? Dictatorship and the Commitment to Media Freedom (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; presented at MPSA 2018 and APSA 2018, under review)

Media with Reputational Concerns: Yes Men or Watchdogs? (Presented at EPSA 2016, MPSA 2017 and APSA 2017, R&R at PSRM)

Nationalism and Party Vote Choice in the New Democracy: The Case of Taiwan (with Fang-Yu Chen and Yuan Hsiao; presented at NATSA 2017, under review)

Power-Sharing and Media Freedom under Dictatorships (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; presented at APSA 2018)

Reputation and Media Selection (Presented at MPSA 2018 and the 4th Economics of Media Bias Workshop)

The Re-Runner Bias: Revisiting the Incumbency Curse (with Selina Hofstetter)

Work in progress

Ostrich Voter: Information Transmission and Acquisition with Social Media

A Rational Theory of Biased Media (with Myunghoon Kang)

Chinese Foreign Policy on Maritime Disputes: an Explanation from Diversionary Theory (with Wei-Hao Huang; presented at MPSA 2016 and APSA 2016)

Roll Call Voting in Taiwan: Identifying the Target Audience (with Wei-Hao Huang; presented at MPSA 2017)