My research interest is investigating information transmission and political decision-making, particularly about media reporting strategies in both autocracies and democracies, from approaches including game theory and quantitative methods.


WHO Approves? Relative Trust, the WHO, and China’s COVID-19 Vaccines (with Hans H. Tung, Chien-Hui Wu, and Wen-Chin Wu; forthcoming at  the Review of International Organizations)

Experts or Politicians? Citizen Responses to Vaccine Endorsements across 5 OECD Countries (with Joan Barcelo, Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; forthcoming at Public Opinion Quarterly

Power-Sharing and Media Freedom under Dictatorships (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; published in Political Communication 39.2 (2022): 202-221)  

Vaccine Nationalism Among the Public: A Cross-country Experimental Evidence of Own-country Bias towards COVID-19 Vaccination (with Joan Barcelo, Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; published in Social Science & Medicine 310 (2022): 115278)  

Media with Reputational Concerns: Yes Men or Watchdogs? (published in Political Science Research and Methods 9.2 (2021): 345-364) 

Citizen Journalism and Credibility of Authoritarian Government in Risk Communication Regarding the 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak: A Survey Experiment (with Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu; NYUAD Division of Social Science Working Paper No. 0040; published in PLoS ONE 16.12 (2021): e0260961)

Voluntary Adoption of Social Welfare-enhancing Behavior: Mask-wearing in Spain during the COVID-19 Outbreak (with Joan Barcelo; published in PLoS ONE 15.12 (2020): e0242764)