I am an assistant research fellow (equivalent to tenure-track assistant professor) at the Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica. Previously, I was an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science, National Cheng Kung University (2021-2023), and a postdoctoral research associate at the Division of Social Science, NYU Abu Dhabi (2019-2021). I received my PhD in Political Science (Political Science and Political Economy, PSPE) from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2019).

I was a visiting researcher at Washington University in St. Louis in spring 2018. I participated in the EITM Summer Institute at UC Berkeley in 2017.  I am the recipient of the 2022 Kaid-Sanders Best Political Communication Article of the Year Award. 

I have an MSc in PSPE and an MRes in Political Science at LSE (both with distinction). Before coming to London, I studied at National Taiwan University, where I received a BA in Economics and a BA in Political Science. 

Using game theory and quantitative methods as tools, my research mainly focuses on media politics in democracies and autocracies. Specifically, it is about the information problems faced by dictators and voters. I also conduct other projects investigating underlying causes of political decisions in various contexts.

I enjoy reading (everything with words), travelling around the world, wine and spirits tasting (with WSET training), and watching many kinds of sports.




(Note: My LSE and NYU e-mail accounts are terminated, and the NCKU one will be terminated in some months.)