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Also, leading the way...  is the

American Anti-Corruption Act and the organization named below.


Wait at least 24 hours before donating, if at all.

Generally, they are GREAT about what they do, but are well funded, IMHO, think Retirement Fund, while it too is deserved, how important is that Today?




This is the MOST important Link----> American Anti-Corruption Act 

April 2023

Thanks for coming to this site.  It is terrible... I know that.... take a web design 101 class, this would be an example of what NOT TO DO! 

Please keep in mind that this site was produced as I participated in The New Hampshire Rebellion - One Question Project and used only my Samsung Note 3 smartphone while  walking the route of the Rebellion. 

Nine years of a world without Aaron Swartz, yet his Spirit continues to change this world. Our world.

Arrogance? I think not. The New Hampshire  Rebellion flourishes still.  2016 New Hampshire Primary changed everything by giving focus and purpose to the anger, in a Powerful and Positive way. 

As evidence, I offer reporting of the 2016 Primary results and analysis.

Posted Feb 10, 2016

Only two candidates addressed the NHR Question. Thereby providing the basis for this reporting.

Bernie: ... But the rules have changed. Voters these days don’t care much about those kinds of political assets. They think Washington is dysfunctional because it is corrupt, and that it is corrupt because it has been captured by people who have turned the nation’s government into their own little sinecure nest. Sanders captured this sentiment when he said today’s political system is “not what democracy is about; it’s what oligarchy is about.”

Donald: ...in his New Hampshire victory speech, he said they really aren’t so stupid when they cut their political deals. “They make them,” he said, “for their own benefit, not for the country’s benefit.” Thus did he echo Bernie Sanders’s suggestion that the country’s political system seems to be veering toward oligarchy.

The New York businessman emphasized the significance of his self-funding campaign. The other candidates are pouring money into campaign commercials, he said, “but it’s not their money. It’s special-interest money.”

Who won New Hampshire? New Hampshire Rebellion, Bernie & Donald

Article is here... 

I continue today, using a  Note 3, Note 4, Note 9, and S22 - but my Agent Orange experience has made my ability to walk to be very limited in nature; consequently, I now continue the effort using a 2016 Ford Transit Stealth Camper Van to move across the country engaging in the same conversations I had during the New Hampshire Rebellion. The NHR is one of the projects that has given birth to the current Democracy Movement.  Why? How? Well, simply put, my personal experience is that I have NEVER been able to find even one person, within the spectrum of citizens within the boundaries of the farthest Right or Left, Conservative or Progressive, Wealthy or working person striving to get through the day working two or even three jobs attempting to make a living, that disagrees with our Founders idea of creating a "more perfect Union." within a democratic framework of this Democratic Republic which they gave birth to. 

Today, more than ever, CORRUPTION is nearly a USELESS WORD. Use it and watch any listener's eyes glaze over. Of course, by its nature, it is not a welcomed idea. But due to the melding of the technologies of 1776 and the 21st Century, now CORRUPTION HAS another NEW VOICE, Equal Citizens is one of the latest iterations of this REBIRTH of the Democracy Movement and is now repairing our corrupt system of electing our Representatives, Senators, and President, we have the tools never before available to take back our Republic using the democratic principles enshrined within the Constitution and continue to improve on it, as we did as the Amendments were added to it. There shall be a decision most likely around July 4th, 2020 announced by the Supreme Court of the United States which shall provide fundamental Constitutional clarity regarding the Electoral College. SCOTUS choose to address this issue on January 17, 2020, as it selected our issue from the pool of thousands of cases submitted to it to rule on in the 2020 session. 

Amendments are not needed to solve and correct what corruption has done to our system. Broken.... yes. Repairable... YES. What began with folks like Doris Haddock and Aaron Swartz, has turned into a bonafide Democracy Movement as evidenced by the number of Democracy Reforms in 2018-2019. Never in the history of the United States has so much actual change taking place within our legal and election systems in such short a time.  Momentum is overwhelming, in the work of unrigging the system, making the established power brokers IRRELEVANT. They are no incentives for them to make the needed changes. So, we, as equal citizens, are doing what we do best.... we are fixing it ourselves and it is happening beyond party lines, shoulder to shoulder, together we are taking back our vote from the lobbyists and special interests and have our elected officials REPRESENT US, not money.

The list goes on. Too many to list here but here are just a couple of them... Michigan enacted legislation that destroyed the old-style Gerrymandering System, via a campaign that started out as a simple Facebook Page and had the requirement of membership of being a person able to NOT use the word DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN, it recruited thousands of volunteers, and was absolutely successful in defeating the old style political strategy of Gerrymandering. There are eight million more folks able to cast their votes using the concept of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) instead of choosing the lesser of two evils they had to use before. There, is the first time in history is a Congressperson served since 2016 due to RCB and a change in campaign financing.

The New Hampshire Rebellion project which I was one of the nineteen "through walkers", as reported in various New Hampshire media outlets, changed the landscape for the Presidential Election of 2016 and continues to this day to have corruption REPAIR Issue One.

The goal of the New Hampshire Rebellion was to make CORRUPTION a sustained issue and to have it be the major issue during that election cycle.  Today, we have President Trump. We nearly were able to actually vote for Bernie Sanders.  

From where I view the world, BOTH were considered JOKES when "they threw their hats into the ring".... THE WERE NOT THE JOKEs after the first primary in that election cycle of 2016.   IMHO,  the two jokes were no longer after the primary.  Why? From their own diametrically opposite sides of the spectrum, and in their own display of their unique characters, THEY ANSWERED THE QUESTION! The other candidates didn't..... they just did the "dance" of BS we all are accustomed to with candidates to high offices. The BIG $ of the Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie, so clearly so, that the Chairwoman of the Party had to resign over the issue.  The BIG $ of the Republican Party who poured all their money into "anybody BUT Trump also failed their status quo candidates.  Mr. Trump was the perfect storm. His own big $ - no committee of establishment Republicans needed; a savvy man whose understanding of mass media and reality tv, ie: The Apprentice; AND he had 12 million Twitter followers before the campaigning when even President Obama, the most famous man on the face of the earth - also a savvy social media type - had only 8 million Twitter followers; PLUS Mr. Trump, in his own special style "Answered the question" during the debates which the entire country now wanted to know -  " Drain the Swamp". The Princeton Study of 2014 said that 96% of this country thought of the electoral campaign process as "The Swamp" and HATED IT.

What was that question?   --- From Granny D to Aaron Swartz the question evolved to: 

""What specific reforms will you advance to end the corrupting influence of big money in politics?"

Now, at the time of this writing, April 2019, and from my perspective and experience, this movement has grown from maybe a few hundred folks to the millions category, with the organization called REPRESENT.US as what might be called the clearing house lead group, NOT BI-PARTISAN -  but POLY-PARTISAN and as of March 2019, expects to push towards the 11,000,000 mark of folks working towards the goals of Granny D and Aaron Swartz and taking back the Republic from the hands of Big $ and lobbyists.

Unfortunately, HR1 passed in the house a few weeks ago. Unfortunately--- because it was legislation sponsored by Big D democrats. There ARE very similar bills proposed by much more Conservative AND Progressive groups. Sadly, IMHO, because of the Big D sponsorship, it shall arrive in the Senate and die. The same thing would happen if the roles were reversed.  That's why the REPRESENT.US strategy is so wise.  Congress is irrelevant on this, what is working is from the bottom up, local to the state than the nation.

You probably got to this site because of meeting me on a sidewalk. That is why there is so much hope for me.  Aaron Swartz demonstrated how folks from the far extremes of the political spectrum can and do work together on THIS issue. It is NOT the people with radically different opinions and philosophies that are the problem, quite the contrary... it is the CORRUPTION of our system that IS THE PROBLEM.

Left, Right, Center there is a group of folks working for Campaign Finance Reform that probably aligns with your political perspective. Here's a list of groups which covers EVERY part of the spectrum. List of Organizations.

Moments in time. 


With the complexity of a Drip, 

Wave like in effect are these ripples of Permanence 


Panama City, Panama



Travel Advisory Remain in Place


Broward County, FL


Madison County, NC

New England Krewe

Jun 2nd - 9th


Mars Hill, NC


Annual Firefly 



Charlotte, NC


Meet Up


Asheville, NC

Represent Us

Chapter Recruiting 


Knoxville, TN

Side Walk Pageantry 

Represent US


New Hampshire Rebellion


All Day

Pack Square

Asheville, NC

Side Walk Pageantry 

Represent US


New Hampshire Rebellion 


Town Meeting 

Marshall, NC

Granny D 

Aaron Swartz 

Demand Progress 

Root Strikers 

New Hampshire Rebellion 


Jennifer Lawrence New Short Film

American AntiCorruption Act 


Charlotte, NC


Chapter Recruiting

January 2019

Providence, RI 


LISA Conference

Large Installation System Administration


Oct 29th & 30th



Free Software Foundation 



ATO Conference

All Things Open

Raleigh, NC

Oct 21 - 23


Free Software Foundation 


New England Region 

Advocacy Contacts


Lexington Kentucky


Security & Liberty

for Expediter Community

June 2018

Mars Hill 

North Carolina

BLIPs Mobile Unit

Ford Transit Build


Through 05-30-18


Historic Victory

the Senate voted to save net neutrality!

Now we have to win in the House.

52-47 margin and huge momentum.

..at the last minute, TWO undecided senators swung our way.

It is a game changer....

June 11th, unless Congress stops them, the FCC is scheduled to end net neutrality.

Ton's of money on this, we will not see much change right away. Too many of us watching and it would provide more evidence of how bad it might get. The changes will be

rolled out very s l o w l y....

The strategy shall probably be very much tailored to have us one day just go... wow.... had did that actually happen?



Hampden, MA


EWR & Manhattan 



Rocking the Boat

Showing Off 

The Switches

Passing Out 

The FLOSSing



Buying Votes


Spreading the Word

N. C. Farmers Market

Circle B Ranch


Asheville, NC

FSS & Puri.sm

TheBlock off Biltmore

The Ledge

Hopey & Company

Grey Eagle


Net Neutrality 


Main Street 

Marshall, North Carolina

Business Owner Recruiting


 Business Owners Committed to take action ASAP.  

Mossy Mountain Bike Works

Madison Natural Foods

Blunt Bagels

Mad Co Brewery

Heading to Mars

Hills that is:

Madison County 

North Carolina

 been out on the road 6 weeks this trip &

discovering more supporters enroute with



April 27th, 2018

Librem13 Showing

Go Geeks

Tech's Review

East Longmeadow, MA

April 23rd, 2018



Librem13 Fun

April 18, 2018




UnBoxing Event

7-9 PM

April 14, 2018


Advance Work Prep

ICONICA Social Club

Northampton, MA

March 31st, 2018


Caregiver Support Krewe

Northampton, MA

March 24 - 30, 2018


Brunswick, Thomaston, Rockland


March 21-23, 2018

LibrePlanet Conference


December 7, 2017

12 PM

Net Neutrality Action

Vance Monument 


Asheville, NC

Demand Progress 

November 13, 2017

Yancey County NC

Passes Two




Demanding Progress

Again & Wins for

All of US!

October 24th 2017

Go, Granny D!

Madison County 

North Carolina 


Represent.US Burnsville Chapter 


American Anti-Corruption Act 

During Public Comments Session

 September 27, 2017

Senator Burr & Tills offices 

Net Neutrality


July 4, 2017 

Today it can be said:

"Nicely Done Burnsville, North Carolina!"

Passing not just one, but two Resolutions

based upon the American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA)

Having just become a formal Chapter

of Represent.US, this Chapter

brought two Resolutions up for consideration to the Burnsville Town Council, and they BOTH were passed.

June 30th 2017

Henderson, North Carolina

Art - Music - Discussion Event

Discussion group for American Anti-Corruption Act

Chapter of Represent.us looks imminent!

Stay tuned or write me if you want to join these folks. They are fun, music is great and the the art is amazing!

June 29th 2017

Pack Square

Asheville, North Carolina

Public Advocacy in the park for Buncomb County Activists

June 28th 2017

Marshall, North Carolina

Speaking with business leaders about the American Anti-Corruption Act

Very favorable response.

June 26th 2017

Town Council Meeting

Burnsville, North Carolina

6 PM



Presenting 2 Resolutions 

Campaign Finance


in support of 


In North Carolina 

June 15th 2017

Burnsville NC

Now an official chapter of


June 1st, 2017

Town Council Meeting

Burnsville, North Carolina

6 PM



Chapter Forming in Yancey County 

May 25, 2017

Letters to Editor

In support of American Anti-Corruption Act

Burnsville Town Council

Burnsville, North Carolina 

April 1oth, 2017



March 25-26, 2017


LibrePlanet Conference 2017

LibrePlanet Conference 2016

March 9th - 12th, 2017

Letter to the Editor 

Task Group

 Yancey County Area


North Carolina


The American Anti-Corruption Act


March 9, 2017

6:15 PM

Yancey County Public Library

Little Conference Room

Fighting Political Corruption 

Action Group

Progress Report of Lobbying in Raleigh 

Review & Discussion of other organizations doing anti-corruption work.

Friday, March 3rd, 2017


Granny D - Go Granny, Go!

Burnsville Town Center

7:30 PM


March 3, 2017

6 PM

Yancey County Public Library

Conference Room

Fighting Political Corruption 

Action Group

Reporting of Progress with Gerrymandering in NC Action

Represent.us Review & Discussion


February 24, 2017

Yancey County Public Library

Conference Room


Fighting Political Corruption 

Action Group


January 31st 2017

Burnsville, North Carolina

4 PM

 Wiser Together Cafe. 

Located at the far end of the Blue Ridge Medical Center.

Follow up from the super success on the 21st.

Demand Progress RootStrikers New Hampshire Rebellion MayDayUs RepresentUS 

folks shall be outside that location. Look for us doing the Granny D work.

Sister March

January 21st 2017

Burnsville, NC

1:30 PM Town Center

Go Granny, Go

Play + Q&A

Aaron Swartz & Granny D

January 2oth


The Election Dialogues

THE BLOCK off biltmore

Asheville, North Carolina

June 15th


Pack Square Asheville

Come on down and share some time with others who are also working towards putting the us back into US political system.  All around the country folks are gathering together to create change and Demanding Progress.

May 26th

Evolution.  Demanding Progress lessons. For Me a PTSD moment to Pack Square conversations with others questing for ....a more perfect Union.

From so many States, so many thoughts, and forward to glimpses of other's efforts toward same end.  Belief in the possible of now.  From one child's mind to millions of other's efforts in concert with each other knowing not exactly the spot of assembling but, assembling none-the-less and effective beyond the greatest of hopes.

May 14th

Democracy Spring March & Rally in Raleigh

Democracy Spring North Carolina

call to action in Raleigh to bring folks from across the State to

join in with so many others from across the Nation to campaign

and make political corruption illegal. More....

Yup, hard to believe but much of it is actually quite legal and we can change that pretty easily.  It is not a fast project, but it is doable. To want Congress to REPRESENT US is a desire shared by the entire political spectrum , non-partisan in nature. Benjamin Franklin has been saying this, from Day One, as a participant in the Miracle in Philadelphia, knowing full well that from that day forth, "...in order to form a more perfect Union...." would require such things as this Rally in Raleigh.

Join In!


April 19th, 2016

Back home from DC now working Madison County, and Asheville North Carolina. You can find me at pack Square in downtown Asheville trying to spread the word on our recent success and next steps.

April 7-18, 2016

Democracy Spring

Washington, DC


In the Belly of the Beast!  

DC with Democracy Spring.  

Join In - in front of Union Station, you will see the big tent.  Or, online:  www.democracyspring.org, my twitter feed: #greg411dotme or 860 CT area code w HOW-BUSY

See what is happening Real Time Right Now - more....Greg's Twitter Feed #greg411dotme

As of today over 1,400 folks have gone to jail demanding progress regarding Getting the Corrupting Influence of Big Money out of how we elect folks!

BTW  if you are one of the 4% of folks whom the Princeton Study said believes that is not to much money in politics, please find me on Capitol Hill today, I have not found anyone since I went to the Canadian Border January 11th, 2014 when many of us gathered to honor Aaron Swartz.  I want to hear the merits of your argument, REALLY!  I have been looking for you since the day count below.  Not one of you have I found!

Hey there!  Glad you stopped by and here is more information about what we probably talked about and what got you here in the first place.

Until April 19th, 2016 I am pretty much doing full time work with the Democracy Spring Campaign and planning on taking part in the largest non-violent civil-disobedience in a generation.


Resource Links for Fighting the Corrupting Influence of $ in Politics: