Congratulations to all on two amazing festivals!
Spring Teacher Meeting: Tuesday, May 28th

Welcome to the Green Mountain Music District V Website!

        As the music educators of our district continue to strive to offer the best education to our students, we offer this site to keep you informed of what is happening in our district. We believe that every child should experience music and have the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential. For more information about our district, please feel free to contact the GMMDV president, Ms. Christina Papandrea. 

        Thank you for visiting our site!


Statement of Purpose

        The purpose of Green Mountain Music District V shall be to further the advancement of music education
  • for students, by providing meaningful experiences for learning and performing music.
  • for teachers, by providing opportunities for professional development in current musical practices.
  • for our community, by providing opportunities to hear and learn about music.