Our Buildings

Some Highlights of the Buildings at St Leonard's Church Grateley

The Hour Glass

A glance towards the pulpit reveals a wrought-iron bracket on the wall which once contained the sand filled hour glass, by which the preacher (and the congregation, no doubt) timed the length of his sermon.

The Calvary

The magnificent Calvary mounted above on the rood beam is a significant feature of the church. It was erected as a memorial to William Boutcher by his widow and children in 1934.

Ancient Tiles

On the top step of the chancel by the altar are sixty very old floor tiles; they are red with a chalk slip inlay under a yellow glaze.


Kneelers for use at the altar were made in 1981 and 1982 to match the single pattern medieval floor tiles. Those in the pews were made by parishioners, Brownies and Grateley Primary School to celebrate the Millennium.

The Font

The font is either Saxon or Norman. It was found at Manor Farm, Grateley and has at some time been recut; the base does not belong to it and is probably the base of a cross.

The Clock

The original clock was given by Mr Earle in 1785 and replaced by the present clock in 1858. It had been out of action for some time, but, in 1966 with the generosity of some individuals, the county and borough councils and the parish in general, was been put back in action, complete with an automatic winding system, which mean trips every five days up the steep ladder to the belfry are no longer necessary.

The Bells

One of the original three bells was cracked and sold in 1858 to raise funds for the new clock; the remaining two bear the date 1583 and were made by John Wallis, bell founder, of Salisbury.

They sound a suitable note on which to finish the story of St Leonard’s Grateley - one is inscribed ‘J.W. God be our guyde’ and the other ‘J.W. God be praysed’