Age Group Swim

Age Group Swim is a competitive team for ages 6-18.  Swimmers must be able to swim the shortest distance race of his/her age group. 

Age Distance Stroke
  6-8 years 25 yds.  Freestyle & Backstroke
  9-10 years 50 yds. Freestyle & Backstroke
  11-14 years 50 yds. Freestyle & Backstroke
  15-18 years 100 yds. Freestyle & Backstroke

Practices will focus on stroke refinement, technique, and preparation for competition.  Participants will gain confidence while competing against other swimmers of their age and gender.  There will be up to four (4) dual meets, an Invitational, and a Championship meet. Swimmers are expected to attend all meets, and are REQUIRED to swim in either the "A" or "B" Championships, depending on which they qualify for.  Children compete against swimmers within his/her age group, according to how old he/she is on the date of the meet.

Practices are held 4-5 days a week, depending on pool availability.  Team/swim accessories will be for sale during the first week of practice, and periodically throughout the season. Parents are required to work at least 2 home meets.

There are two (2) swim seasons--Winter and Summer.  The Winter Season usually begins around Thanksgiving time.  The Summer Season begins around the middle of May.

Watch for flyers to be sent home with the kids that are in the Grandville Public Schools, and other schools in the city of Grandville.

New swimmers will be evaluated before the season begins, in order to determine if the swimmer is physically ready for the demands that will be placed on him/her.  We want all swimmers to be successful and proficient in practice and meets.  This placement is a way for the coaches to determine if the swimmer can cope with the demands that are placed on them.  In some cases, the swimmer may not be ready for the current season.  Therefore, the coach will suggest taking a session of swim lessons to build that proficiency, and then have them try the swim team the next season.  Full refunds will be given if necessary.

The skills that the coaches are looking for in determining a satisfactory stroke:

Freestyle  Backstroke
Successfully complete the 25 yds. without stopping. Successfully complete the 25 yds. without stopping.
Rotary breathing—breathing completely to the side. Arms moving backward in a circular fashion.
No doggy-paddle. Ability to stay on his/her back the entire 25 yards.

*Please Note:  Practice schedule & facilities are subject to change based on pool and site availability. 

Contact Head Coach Jessie Wortman for more specific questions at .  

There is also a website which will give dates, times, contact information,  registration information, etc.  

Google "Grandville Age Group Swim Team"