Eastern Mennonite University, Department of Biology 

Our laboratory focuses on research in issues of environmental contaminants, and general water provision and quality issues, in both local and global contexts.  

Our work in the United States focuses on understanding more deeply how contaminants have their effects on biological systems at a number of different levels.  We also work towards how to effectively monitor the presence of contaminants, how systems can be designed more effectively (e.g. for stormwater management, or for drinking water), and how human activities (including restoration) impact watersheds. 

Our work in the international context includes provision of safe water for both rural and urban communities, including novel methods for eliminating contamination and making water potable.  In addition, our work includes working with systems that provide adequate quantities of water, such as using sand dams in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs).  Work in both the United States and overseas works particularly to understand challenges which are increasingly impacted by human activities, including climate change.

In addition to the work with environmental contaminants, our lab collaborates with other faculty at EMU on the scholarship of teaching--what makes for effective teaching, and what/how do we teach students about science.  All of our research projects are integrally connected with our mission in education--to best educate our students through authentic experiences in "real-world" science.

Our lab's philosophy on our research projects is that we are driven both by pure curiosity (the desire to investigate the incredible wonder of the natural world), and by the belief that these projects can make substantial contributions to the well-being of all humans.  We have a particular interest in developing techniques, and implementing projects, that are useful in situations where resources and capacity are limited (e.g. see the work in SouthEast Asia).  On all these accounts, we're privileged to have the opportunity to be involved in such interesting projects!

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