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GMUMS Schedule

GMUMS talks will be held in the seminar room on the fourth floor of Exploratory Hall (EXPL 4106) on Fridays, from 11:30 to 12:20pm

 Speaker Topic Date
 Dr. David Walnut Graduate School     September 4 
 Dr. Robert Sachs
Similarities in the First ODE Course  September 11
 Dr. Timothy SauerThe Poincare-Bendixson Theorem and Chaos September 18 
 Dr. Jerry LinNonlinear Wave Equations  September 25
Dr. Sean Lawton Lie Groups October 2
 Dr. Gabriela Bulancea October 9
 Dr. Walter Morris Combinatorial OptimizationOctober 16 
 Dr. Thomas WannerComputer-Assisted Proofs in ODE using Interval ArithmeticOctober 23 
Dr. Christopher Manon  October 30