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GMC Motorhome owners have a multitude of resources to help them keep their coach on the road as well as offering engineering improvements.

Our GMC 49ers Club is fortunate to have many members who are highly regarded for their GMC Motorhome products, services and knowledge. Here's info on them:

Gary Bovee: Bovee's ProducTZE is offering a number of new products for GMCers: Wireless Air Systems, Bag Extenders, Inexpensive Alternator and A/C Belt Tensioner Adjustors, and Headlight & Turn Signal Reminder Alarms. http://www.gmcidiotsguide.com Phone: 530-200-6247 Email: gary.bovee@gmcidiotsguide.com

Fay Curtis: Curtis Unlimited of Kneeland, CA - GMC Motorhomes have benefited with their Fiberglass and Metal Fabrication talents. http://www.bdub.net/curtis-unlimited/index.html Phone: 707-443-8523 Email:curtisunlimited@aol.com

Eugene Fisher: Gene is a well-known GMC engineering resourse and has an extensive collection of GMC Motorhome information and links on his GMC Information website: http://gmcmotorhome.info/ Email: mr.erfisher@gmail.com

Jim Kanomata: Founder of Applied GMC in Fremont, CA, is a full service facility equipped with a welding area, vehicle lift, parts supply and improve and repair GMC. http://appliedgmc.com/ Phone: 1-800-752-7502

Terry Taylor – GMC Motorhome Logos, Nick-Naks, License Plate holders and other “I wish I had that” for GMC owners. http://www.dldesignstore.com/

Manny Trovao – Manny’s Transmissions (including Switch Pitch) are built specifically for our motorhomes. 3.50:1 Power Drive chain and sprockets. Phone: 408-937-1583 Email: mtrovao@hughes.net

Jim Hupy – Master cylinder power bleeder, wheel hub extenders and GMC Motorhome service, 1754 82nd Ave SE

Salem, OR 97317. jamesh1296@gmail.com http://bdub.net/jhupy/

More Technical Suppliers and Resources for the GMC Motorhomes:

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