Getting Started-VisualWorks

This page describes how to get started using Glorp in VisualWorks. Glorp is distributed as a parcel with the VisualWorks distribution, so that's the easiest way to load it. You'll want to load

    • Glorp

    • Glorp-Test - the tests, but they provide a lot of useful examples

    • An EXDI parcel - the underlying database connect. So, e.g. PostgreSQLEXDI, MySQLEXDI, OracleEXDI, etc.

    • GlorpVWLauncherTool - not strictly required, but adds a pane to the launcher window with various helpful menu items. In particular, it makes it easy to define different databases that can be used to run the tests and switch between them, turn logging on or off, and similar functions.

One easy example of using Glorp is with Store. From the Store menu you can open a "Store Workbook". This needs you to have a saved login to a Store database, and prompts you for which one to use. Once you have it, it gives you a workspace with pre-populated variables for a Glorp session that has the Store schema set up, and a number of example queries. You can turn on logging from the menu to see what the database results of particular Glorp operations are, and examine the schema.