Greater Lombardy East Residents Association

Lets get real here!

In a perfect world, the municipality would do their job, suburb maintenance would be done, future planning maintenance would be done systematically before the systems breaks down. There would be no corruption and crime, RIGHT! now meet Joburg.

That's why you need GLERA

GLERA is a group of unpaid volunteer residents who attend to issues like water, health, environment, roads, street lights, etc.

Glera is concerned with the following areas Lombardy East, Rembrandt Park, Rembrandt Ridge and the section of Corlett Gardens located east of the Jukskei.

How does this benefit ME?

GLERA saves you money, 10s of 1000's of Rands.

How? Without suburb maintenance/policing the area will go downhill FAST and property prices drop.

That's why we, the GLERA committee members, need your help!

We need help with all sorts of skills, anything you can do is a skill we need help with, e.g. dropping pamphlets in your road's post-boxes, phoning, legal, and lots of other things. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

IF YOU would like to assist Glera, CLICK HERE to contact us