The website creator

Anna Nawrocka-Weekes

A word from the author regarding the website creator Anna Nawrocka-Weekes:

"It takes all sorts of talented people, young and old, to launch a project as ambitious as Glaston Town. The youngest, but not least, is 14-year-old Anna who seems to have a real aptitude for IT. She is currently attending the Parliament Hill School. Her favourite subjects are Drama and English, and she aspires to be a pharmacologist. In her spare time, she is a Scout member and an avid reader of books. She particularly enjoys crime novels. IT is something, which she has picked up whilst watching her big sister Magda, who was given the prestigious Jack Petchey Award for her good works with the community in 2009. Her endeavours included the website she created for the Friends of Talacre Gardens. The Glaston Town website is Anna’s first IT challenge working on her own. She seems to take to it like a duck to water." 

STOP PRESS: March 20, 2015 

Anna got an email today to say that her internship at Facebook, UK was a go. This is a great opportunity for her. Yutaro Kojima recommended her. Watch this space.