The list of characters


List of characters

With comment from the author:

"I gave each character a birth date. This was my way of helping the reader to assess what age they were at any precise moment and time during this story, which takes place over a period of a decade."

Jimmie Allenn: Born July 9,1998. Maxx and Sue’s eldest son.

Maxx Allenn: Born May 30,1976. Australian builder married to Sue.

Sue Allenn: (Mrs.) Born June 1, 1982. Laundromat attendant married to Maxx.

Trevor Allenn: Born August 23, 2003. Maxx and Sue’s youngest son.

Angus: (See Roscoe).

Boothroyd: (aka Mr. X.): Born December 1, 1960. A customer of Leila Pain.

Isak Bloomberg: Born August 19, 1960. Owner of the Village ironmonger Shop.

Judith Bloomberg: (Mrs.): Born November 26, 1938. Isak’s mother.

Chris Brompton: Born December 16, 1951. Retired businessman.

Charley Bullett: Born January 20, 1960. The eldest Bullett brother.

Freddy Bullett: Born May 15, 1984. Third youngest Bullett brother

Kay Bullett: (Mrs.) Born February 6, 1944. The Bullett family Matriarch.

Mick Bullett: Born July 30, 1988. The youngest Bullett brother.

Madeleine Carthright: (Mrs.) Born March 10, 1922. Retired teacher.

Cynthia Casey: Born March 12, 1994. Student, Gordon and Klaire’s daughter.

Klaire Casey: (Mrs.) Born January 6, 1977. Hairdresser married Gordon.

Gordon Casey: (Major) (Ret’d) Born September 4, 1974. Minister married to Klaire.

Moses Columba: Born 1932. Ancient drug addict.

Jack Corbyn: Born August 25,1989. Jayne’s son. The Radford Esta Gang Leader/Internal Audit Officer (IAO)

Jayne Corbyn: (Mrs.) Born July 21,1972. Jack’s mother. Restaura Manageress.

Lilli Dixon: Born February 24, 1990. Work hand at the City Farm.

Skip Donavan: Born February 3,1992. Leader of the Fenton Gang.

Jessica Dunna: (Born in 2003), Penny’s youngster

Kenneth Dunna: (Born in 2004), Penny’s youngster

Bradley Dunna: (Born in 2005), Penny’s youngster

Penny Dunna: (Miss) Born May 28,1980. Cashier at Murphy’s Superstore.

Artie Fitsimmons: Born in 1971. Warder at HM Pentonville Prison.

Johnny Galliger: Born April 21, 1987. Member of the Bullett Gang.

Meredith Gilby: (Mrs.) Born March 28, 1974. Nigel’s wife.

Nigel Gilby: Born August 15, 1968. Radio commentator married to Meredith.

Winifred Habershon: (Miss) Born February 12,1951. Lady Violet’s cook.

Joey Higgens: (PCSO) Born January 14, 1991. Thief turned Police officer.

Lee Jaccson: Born August 20, 1992. Member of the Village Gang.

Rachel Keighgan: (Miss) Born in Yorkshire December 1, 1970. Hospital nurse.

Marvin Keithley: (The late) Born February 28, 1943. Pamela’s husband.

Pamela Keithley: (Mrs.) (Widow) Born April 29, 1943. Steve O’Reiley’s PA.

Roger Kennedey: Born November 1, 1944. Bookkeeper at the Ironmonger shop.

Paul Kevinson: (PC) Born December 24, 1985. Police Constable.

Skinny Looney: Born June 1, 1984. Member of the Bullett Gang.

Father Calum MacLean: Born April 23, 1932. Dominican Priest.

Caroline McParlands: (Miss) Born January 31, 1972. Ted’s mother.

Ted McParlands: Born April 2, 1989. Member of the Radford Estate Gang.

Danny Murphy: Born January 12, 2000. Lucy Thibault’s student.

Zephan Murphy: Born November 27, 1944. Owner of the Murphy Superstore.

Mysterious young man: (See Cllr Laurence Thurton).

Spike Nashton: Born in 1984. TV Reporter.

Bill O’Bryen: Born October 5, 1945. Works as a clerk at the Ironmonger shop. Married to Millie.

Millie O’Bryen: (Mrs.) Born September 19, 1945. Housewife, married to Bill.

Maureen O’ Connors: (Miss) Born July 6, 1970. Pharmacist. Tom’s daughter.

Tom O’Connors: Born November 27, 1938. Plumber. Maureen’s father.

Andie O’Finnegan: Born May 7, 1989. Member of the Radford Estate Gang.

Magdalena O’Finnegan: (Miss) Born March 2, 1970. Andie’s mother.

Muna Omaar: (Mrs.) Born June 11, 1980. Housewife, married to Mustafa.

Mustafa Omaar: Born October 16, 1976. Electrician, married to Muna.

Bee O’Neall: Born February 14, 1989. Student/carer to Lady Violet.

Kathy O’Neall: (Mrs.) Born December 1, 1969. Bee’s mother.

Marty O’Neall: Born October 31, 2007. Bee’s son.

Steve O’Reiley: Born March 24, 1969. Career police officer.

Leila Pain: Born December 11, 1978. Flamboyant local character.

Angela Parnel: Aka Aunt Angela (Miss) Born July 25, 1939. Factory Worker. Maureen O’Connors’ aunt & Tom's sister-in-law.

Toby Patel: Born September 14, 1991. Leader of the Village Gang.

Angus Roscoe: Born August 17, 1977. Smokey’s brother.

Smokey Roscoe: Born June 24, 1973. Angus’ brother. Leila’s boyfriend.

Sam: Born September 12, 1975. American. Road sweeper.

Scarlet: Born June 2, 1943. Leila’s work colleague.

Hanka Sibroska: (Mrs./Panni) Born January 22, 1971. Cleaner, married to Tomasz.

Tomasz Sibroski: Born April 24, 1970. Plumber, married to Hanka Sibroska.

Mahad Soofe: Born July 10, 1977. Electrician, married to Rakiya.

Rakiya Soofe: (Mrs.) Born May 17, 1979. Housewife, married to Mahad.

Cold water swimmers: Old man with Yiddish accent born in 1932

Scottish man with rough demeanour born in 1968

Short, rotund man born in 1964

Also see Sir Duncan Thurton

Karen Thibault: (Mrs.) Born on October 26, 1968. Seamstress. Lucy’s mother.

Lucy Thibault: Miss) Born July 14, 1987. Karen’s daughter. Student/teacher.

Alexander Tyllor: (Special Firearms Command SO19/Scotland Yard Commander) Born August 17, 1950. Sharon’s father.

Ann-Marie Tyllor: (Mrs.) Born March 1, 1955. Sharon’s mother.

Sharon Tyllor: (Miss) (WPC/Detective Constable) Born March 24, 1980.

Smokey: (See Roscoe)

Duncan Thurton: (Sir) Born July 23, 1950. Politician, Lady Violet’s husband.

Laurence Thurton: (Cllr) Born April 23, 1986. Lady Violet’s son.

Violet Thurton: (Lady) Born March 4, 1950. Sir Duncan’s wife. Laurence mother.

Mr. X: (See Boothroyd)

Theodor Zavrajin: (Widower) Born December 16, 1941. Owner of the Village Fish & Chip shop.