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Kevin Newitt with another series win under his belt

Alan Morton top 100s of the winter series 2013

Nationals 100s at Wetlands 2012
1st Alan Morton 2nd Kevin Newitt 3rd John Hullet

Simon and David did an excellent job running the Nats between them

Mike Lucas 100s 2012 series prizes

Pete Newitt 2nd in the series

Myself managing to bag 3rd in the series

Neville Warby 5th in the series

100s line up at Mike Lucas round 2

Chris and Ken 

British Nationals 2011 100s class 
1st Kevin Newitt 2nd Alan Morton and 3rd David Leech

John Hullett overall winner of the 2011 100s series 

Kevin Newitt round 6 winner and 2nd in the 
Mike Lucas 100s 2011series 

Prizes for the 100s series

Ken Goddard and Pete Newitt

this is what its all about......relaxation !

Simon Vaitkevicius holds the title of Nationals 2010 100s winner

The late Bob Rapp was a regular flyer from Peterborough and will be sadly missed
This photo was taken back in November 2009

      Mike Lucas 100s a couple of years ago

100s comp at Twwywell

John Hullett with his home built model regularly out fly's the Trackers

Mark Duvall (Fozzy) taking 2nd in the 2013 open series

Neville Warby 4th in the open series

Kevin Newitt Winner of the series

John Hullett best home built wing of the series

Simon Vaitkievicus 4th in the series

Neville waiting for the slot to start

A good turn out for the start of the Winter series 2011

Mark Devall (Fozzy) on final approach at W Series 1

Picture taken by Simon Vaitkievicus
John collecting his prizes at the Mike Lucas 100s series

Picture taken by Simon Vaitkievicus
Graham Gilliatt 3rd place Mike Lucas 100s round 6

Neville Warby and John Hullett

Bob Rap and Mick Thorpe 

 The Newitts...a winning team

  good old Nev and look at that sky...perfect

And the winner is.....Pete Newitt
Sydney Lenson at the Peterborough open

David Leech at Twywell with Tracker

This one was taken at the 2000 Nationals, Bill Dulson in 1st place,
 Alan Morton in 2nd Place and Neville Warby in 3rd place

Chris Grant and his wooden model, I've seen this 
one in a tree and also in a river !

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