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The 3rd round of the 100s Mike Lucas series took place on Sunday 14th July 2019 we were lucky to have a good forecast and 10 pilots turned up eager to fly.

We were slightly late starting around 10.45 but soon got on the way, the day started overcast with a gentle breeze and warm and all pilots found lift.

Round 2 proved more difficult and pilots had to search for the lift which was more rewarding and made it more interesting, round 3 was similar. After the third round we stopped for dinner for 20mins or so before restarting round 4.

Slot 1 proved disastrous for John Hulet who for some reason dived in off the line, we think it may have been due to a faulty servo on the elevator and he will no doubt be investigating it further. Slot 3 also saw carnage as Neville Warby and Fozzy had a mid air on final approach, Fozzy suffered a broken nose cone a broken receiver and a punctured wing. Neville lost a wing tip and the rest of the model is still in a tree on the edge of the field, we will have to wait to see what other damage was caused after the farmer has retrieved it for us.

Round 5 was calmer with no more incidents.

After a nice day on the field (apart from round 4 problems) the scores were calculated to reveal the winners.

1st place went to Kevin

2nd went to Peter and

3rd went to Alan

We will be flying the next comp on August 11th followed by the Nationals on the August bank holiday weekend

Thanks to all who entered and helped on the day

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