Radio controlled glider competitions

Alan Morton B.M.F.A. www.bmfa and B.A.R.C.S www.barcs member

This web site has been constructed in order to advertise local Radio Control model glider competitions and to allow the results to be viewed by anyone interested in the sport.These competitions are run primarily for enjoyment but scores do count towards the BARCS leagues. The Peterborough winter series comps are open to any glider conforming to the BARCS open rules, and the 100s competitions are open to gliders up to a span of 100". Rules for these classes can be found at The British Association Of Radio Control Soarer's BARCS-RULES page 38 and 48

Peterborough winter series (open) & Mike Lucas series (100s) click here for information

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Results from all previous competitions can be found here Competition Results

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Our competitions are flown at Twywell and Aldwinkle in Northamptonshire. See Maps for details.