Mr. Kelly's Math Page
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                                                           Email:  Greg.Kelly.hhs@gmail.com
          I retired in June 2016 after 34 years of teaching, including 26 years at Hanford High School in Richland, Washington, and 24 years of teaching Advanced Placement Calculus. I  plan to keep this website available for the foreseeable future.

          I have included content for the following classes that I taught at Hanford High School are listed below. Click on the links for resources for these subject areas.


                                                                                                         Advanced Placement Calculus BC
                                                                                                              Calculus III - Multivariable

          For questions about current calculus classes at Hanford High School, please contact Mr. Kevin Joyce at Kevin.Joyce@rsd.edu .


Remind Messaging - I found the free remind text messaging service to be a useful way to send one-way texts or emails to students and parents. These messages could be sent to the entire class as a reminder about upcoming quizzes, tests, or other information. I highly recommend this service for teachers. Click on the icon at left for more information.

Book Cover Instructions
- Here are detailed instructions to make an "industrial strength" book cover:
If you use either the first or second options, you will need to download the PowerPoint or video first before viewing.

College Hints  - A somewhat random list of hints for students headed to college, based on the experiences of Mrs. Kelly & I as parents and as college students long ago.

Algebra Lectures  - Here are a few PowerPoint Lectures and videos for selected Algebra topics.

This is the collection of trigonometry formulas (courtesy of Mrs. Kelly) that were used in Precalculus and Algebra/Trig.  After you click on the link above, select "file" and then "download" before printing a copy.

Math Team Formulas  - Here is a large collection of formulas, tips and tricks for math team competitions, collected and compiled by Mrs. Kelly.

Hanford Fight Song  -  Go Falcons!   A Hanford High School slide show by Danny Page, created in 2010.

PowerTeacher Handbook  - This is a handbook in PDF format for the PowerTeacher electronic gradebook program used by teachers at Hanford High School. It is posted here for the convenience of other teachers, and would not be of use to students or parents. Note: The links in the handbook do not work when viewed on Google Drive. You need to download it first. Also, there has been a newer version of the PowerTeacher gradebook released since this handbook was written. I have not seen the new version (nor will I) but I assume much of the material still applies. Use at your discretion.
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