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Briefly, this is all you need to do:

Install git:
$ sudo apt-get install git

Install one of many diff/merge tools:
$ sudo apt-get install meld

Install mono support:
$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete

GitForce has been tested to work on the latest Ubuntu and it should also work on any other modern Linux distribution if the same supporting environment is present.

These installation steps assume that you have a clean install of the operating system with all recent updates applied (using the Update Manager). Although it assumes x64 versions, x32 versions should work just as well.

The installation breaks down into installing the git command line tools and installing the required version of Mono (, if needed.

Once you have required prerequisites described below, simply start "GitForce.exe" from a command line:

$ ./GitForce.exe
$ mono GitForce.exe

(If you want to start it by double-clicking on it with a mouse, this link explains how to configure it.)

Installing git

By default, Ubuntu does not have a git version control system installed. Install git command line tools by either using the Synaptic Package Manager (search for and install “git” package) or by issuing a command:

$ sudo apt-get install git

Verify that you have git running by issuing a command:

$ git --version

Installation on older distributions and versions

If the required version of Mono support is not installed, you will need to update it. The update is fairly simple (as described on

Badgerports is an Ubuntu repository. In order to use it, you must add it to your Software Sources.
  1. Click on "System", "Administration", "Software Sources".
  2. Click on the "Other Software" tab.
  3. Click on "Add...", and enter the line: “deb lucid main”
  4. Click on "Add Source"
  5. Click on "Authentication", then on "Import Key File"
  6. Download this PGP file: , ID 0E1FAD0C, and select it in the "Import Key File" window
  7. Click on "Close", then "Reload" when the pop-up appears. You're all set!
From this point on, whenever you try to install or update Mono-related packages on your system, you will be given the badgerports version for preference. You don't need to do anything more than update your system as usual to get started!

Now update mono via System->Administration->Update Manager:
You may see a download size of 7.5Mb, 21 files selected.

As with any other distribution, one more component to install is “libmono-winforms2.0-cil”:

Open System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager, paste that package into the search box, select it for install and install it.