Here you can find cool downloads. Addons are generally developed to be used with nlite software but can also used to install the software via command prompt to provide silent install.

    • NHM Writer double click installer (Tamil and Indic language UNICODE Input)

    • NHMWriter selfextracting version (suitable for windows vista and above or old windows version with complex script/indic language enabled)

    • NHM Writer nLite addon (Can be installed when installing with the windows 2000/XP/2003 requires nLite)

    • 32 bit Internet Explorer 8 addon via hotfile and skydrive

    • Google Earth addon

    • Silverlight4 addon

    • Teamviewer automated installer (version 4, bit old)

    • Teamviewer automated installer source code (Autoit script for version 4)

    • Umapathy's Resume

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