Dedola-Karadi-Lombardo JME 2013

In the zipped folder below you find the amended Matlab codes underlying the results of Dedola, L., Karadi, P., & Lombardo, G.

(2013). "Global implications of national unconventional policies". Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 60(1), pages 66-85.

The original code has some mistakes that affect the results. The message of the paper remains unchanged but some of the quantitative results have changed, as described in this corrigendum

  • alpha_file.m : portfolio share (computed with auxiliary files for portfolio shares: see ss_port_comp_4dynare.m)
  • f_simul.m : auxiliary function for steady-state solution
  • nodes_part.m : file for grid search of equilibria in a multi-core environment
  • parallel_sweep.m : file for grid search of equilibria in a multi-core environment (master)
  • param_FAO.m : part of parameter files (not to be edited)
  • postloop4.m : part of grid search
  • DKL_JME.mod : Dynare mod file
  • postloop.m : part of grid search
  • postloop_univar.m : part of grid search
  • preloop4.m : part of grid search
  • preloop.m : part of grid search
  • DKL_JME_steadystate.m : Dynare steady-state file
  • preloop_univar.m : part of grid search
  • FA_ss.m : auxiliary steady state file
  • readme_DKL.m : this information
  • f_KL.m : auxiliary steady state file

DKL model (tested on Dynare 4.5 unstable & MATLAB 2014a and 2016a)