Giovanni (Gianni) Lombardo

(The unique joy of scientific accomplishment)

I work for the Bank for international settlements

Research interests: International Macro and Finance, International Policy Cooperation, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Macroprudential policies, Financial Stability, Computational Economics.

You can find some links to my research papers at IDEAS or at my BIS page

If you want to contact me use my account: giannilmbd or my account giovanni.lombardo


(Note: Matlab has introduced a function called sym2cell which conflicts with my function with the same name. I have renamed my function as mysym2cell and had to change all codes accordingly. I could not re-test all codes. Please let me know if you have problems running them. Thanks -- 4 April 2018)

(Note: Matlab (2017b) has introduced two new functions cell2sym and str2sym and modified the way 'sym' works. I have updated the utilities and OPDSGE accordingly. Please if you find inconsistencies report to me. Thanks. -- 11 October 2018)

Specific codes related to papers

(Note: Some codes might not work under Matlab R2012b or newer. I've made some amendments to some codes to fix this problem but I have not checked all the codes.

Please drop me an e-mail if codes don't work. I might find some time to fix them.)

R codes and material

  • I've written a short memo on basic functions and tricks for R as my personal guide. If you are a beginner, you might find it useful too (HowToR).