G32 Engine

1900cc CVH

The long stroke 1800cc CVH from the Ford Sierra works best usually bored out to 1860cc (commonly known as the 1900). It’s good for 150bhp and 7600 rpm on twin 40DCOE Webber’s, a ported head; standard XR3 cam!! and anti pump hydraulic lifters.    

Dunnell Zetec

The Zetec is basically a 16 valve CVH, the block is near identical and fits into the G32 with only minor modifications to the RHS engine mount. Space for the alternator and water pump belts is restricted so needs some thinking about. Paul Dunnell was a bit concerned about removing the crankshaft damper; it didn’t fit so I removed it anyway (so far no problems). The head is a tight fit next to the RHS suspension top mount.

By now I think everyone has replaced the standard Toyota MR2 based exhaust system. My CVH exhaust utilised a Janspeed Escort RS1600i manifold, a Jetex straight through silencer and a tail pipe restrictor. The Zetec manifold is home made to Dunnell specifications. Again I use a Jetex straight through silencer and a tail pipe restrictor.  If you intending to make your own exhaust system, get hold of a book called “Scientific design of exhaust & and intake systems" by Philip H.Smith and John C.Morrison.

Dry Sump.

Don’t find out the hard way like me. If you intend to race or ‘track day’ a G32 fit a dry sump or a well designed  anti surge wet sump. Paul Dunnel assured me his wet sump was up to the job but having suffered so many oil surge problems with the CVH I chose to go for dry sump anyway.


The standard G32 gear shift is awful. Ginetta fitted the Fiesta mechanism back-to-front and expected it to work. Most G32 owners have replaced the standard shift with something bespoke.  My shifter is from a 3 cylinder Daihatsu van I found a breakers yard.

The standard gearbox mounts are ok if you fit a stabiliser bar from the cylinder head forward to the cross member (mini style).

LSD's and straight cut gear kits are available from Quaife. I use the tallest differential ratio and the over-driven fifth gear. This combination will give a maximum speed of 130 mph at 7600 rpm on 23" diameter tyres, just fast enough for the long Lavent straight at Goodwood.

CAR & CAR CONVERSIONS magazine. June 1995.

‘Gear shifting is the bugbear of many mid-engined cars, but the gearshift on the G32 is superb. Vince has modified the standard mechanism with one from, of all things, a Daihatsu van. The action is light, precise and accurate: what more could you ask? This is CCC-type scrap yard engineering at its very best…. I have the feeling that developing the car is at least as much of a challenge for Vince as actually driving.’

Winter 2010/2011 Chassis Rebuild